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  • My Picks — 8 gifts Under $25 from Cost Plus World Market
    There are plenty of stores I barely remember visiting for the first time. But I will never forget the first time I stepped into a Cost Plus World Market. I was absolutely amazed by the range, the character, the quality of stuff they had for sale. Fur…
    - 6 days ago 9 Dec 19, 10:12am -
  • All I Want For Christmas Is this Mariah Carey Tea
    OK, that isn’t all I want – I have a whole Amazon Wishlist!  But I just love that Amazon tapped THE Mariah Carey to curate her own holiday shopping list! Click here to check out her whole list, filled with fan essentials, music, and Mariah’s f…
    - 7 days ago 8 Dec 19, 2:27pm -
  • My Pumpkin Skincare Beauty Favorites
    Apparently National Pumpkin Day was on October 26th and I totally missed that. I personally celebrate my love of all things pumpkin much closer to Thanksgiving. I love the pumpkin pies, cakes, cookies and muffins – I also love a savory pumpkin stew…
    - 19 days ago 26 Nov 19, 11:14pm -
  • The BEST Kitchen Gifts — 11 Gifts That Should Last (At Least) A Decade
    I’ve shared my top kitchen items a few times, and around this time of year I start thinking about sharing more of this kind of information. Why? Because right around now, I’m cooking so often and using so many of my favorite kitchen items! Also,…
    - 20 days ago 25 Nov 19, 3:46pm -
  • Effortless Style Holy Grail – Leota Makes Stylish, Wrinkle-Free Dresses I Love
    As with everything in life, my style has evolved over time. Now I am so much more discerning with my fabric choices. I know the general shape and cut of the clothes that look the most effortless on me. That’s what I’m looking for – effortless s…
    - 39 days ago 6 Nov 19, 1:57pm -

Tribe Called Curl

  • Should African Americans Boycott Black Friday?
    Black Americans are fed up.  We’re bone tired of having to rail against the system for the right to exist.  We’ve been consistently denied the pursuit of the happiness since the founding father’s claimed everyone was entitled to it *except us…
    - 13 Oct 15, 5:17pm -
  • How to Get Away With Murder Recap Season 2 Episode 3
    By: Chanel Lee Last week was all sex, threats and murdaaaaa!! And it looks like we’ll be getting more of the same this episode. Come on, let’s do it! (Pun definitely intended.) We open where we left off last week, with Conspiracy to Commit Murder…
    - 12 Oct 15, 7:00pm -
  • Plus Size Fall Lookbook & Makeover Contest
    A milestone birthday provides a great opportunity to reassess your life, mostly because it hits you that time is fleeting, whether you’re satisfied or not.   This year I turned 40, and after my mom called to gleefully inform me that I’m now mid…
    - 12 Oct 15, 6:22pm -
  • How to Get Away With Murder Recap Season 2 Episode 2
    By: Chanel Lee It’s muuuurddddaaaaa! Sorry, that joke’s been percolating in my head for the past three days, and I like to pay things forward. Last time we were here, we found out that Annalise left her girlfriend for Sam, said GF is now Nate’s…
    - 12 Oct 15, 10:13am -
  • How to Get Away With Murder Recap Season 2 Episode 1
    By: Chanel Lee WOW. Annalise had a girlfriend. Annalise had a girlfriend?? Annalise had a grhsalbljhfkd …. Sorry, that was my brain exploding up against my living room wall after realizing that Annalise Keating’s last ex before she married Sam wa…
    - 1 Oct 15, 7:24pm -
  • When Infertility is a Black Thing
    This week, Tyra Banks and model Chrissy Teigen shared their infertility struggles on their new show The Fab Life. It’s a topic that’s still discussed in hushed tones in our community. After all, according to the prevailing narrative, infertility…
    - 25 Sep 15, 3:23pm -
  • 10 Years Later: Remembering Hurricane Katrina
    “We are each other’s harvest; we are each other’s business; we are each other’s magnitude and bond.” ― Gwendolyn Brooks Do you remember where you were when Hurricane Katrina struck? When thousands of stranded Black bodies flashed across t…
    - 29 Aug 15, 7:28am -
  • Dee Barnes Versus the Misogyny of NWA and Dr. Dre
    Dee Barnes at a Hennessy event in Los Angeles on Oct. 29, 2008. Photo Credit: Maury Phillips/WireImage   This weekend, N.W.A. made history, again. The rap group’s biopic Straight Outta Compton grossed over 60 million dollars at the box office, a f…
    - 19 Aug 15, 3:33pm -
  • Why I Won’t Mock Barvetta Singletary
    Photo Credit: The Free Beacon 37-year old Barvetta Singletary will no doubt be the subject of a thousand memes and punch lines.   According to the Washington Post, on Friday,  the White House staffer was arrested and charged with first-degree assa…
    - 11 Aug 15, 2:55pm -
  • Sandra Bland and the Price of Dignity
    Reading through Sandra Bland’s autopsy report is like being back in ninth grade biology class. It is eleven pages of tedious scientific terminology that reduce Sandra’s painful and tragic death to a ‘ligature furrow around her neck’.   With…
    - 5 Aug 15, 1:23pm -

The Gentlemen's Standard

Black Girl with Long Hair

  • Chicken Skin and Assorted Bumps Gone 👋🏾
    One of the things our whipped butters do best is smooth out skin! “I have been using this butter for about 6 months now with great results. My skin is very soft and smooth. I have keratosis pilaris (chicken skin) and noticed recently that my bumps…
    - 2 days ago 13 Dec 19, 11:53am -
  • My hands look young again 💅🏿 💅🏾💅🏽
    Shea, cocoa and mango butter are regenerative, meaning they help the body generate new skin cells. This is why our customers report faded stretch marks and scars, deep softness and yes, younger looking skin! Zanubia left this review on our Coconut…
    - 3 days ago 12 Dec 19, 10:33pm -
  • Coconut Oil-Free Butters are Finally Here!
    Coconut oil free butters are here! The first two are Lemon & Lavender Blended Butter and Olive Oil Whipped Cocoa Butter. Just a few things… 1. In our Lemon & Lavender Blended Butter we substituted palm kernel oil for coconut oil. HOWEVER, after…
    - 4 days ago 11 Dec 19, 9:04am -
  • Dark rough elbows gone 💨👉🏾
    Hyperpigmentation is no match for our whipped butters as customer Denise found…  “OMG!!!! I love the Whipped Shea Butter, it’s so smooth and the fragrance is awesome. It makes my feet smooth, my face even toned and my elbows were dark and now…
    - 4 days ago 11 Dec 19, 8:35am -
  • Skincare in the refrigerated aisle ❄❄
    Big beauty companies have to ship products to millions of people, so they add stuff to keep their products fresh and consistent. This is called ‘shelf stability’. Here’s the thing though — a lot of the chemicals and ingredients they add take…
    - 5 days ago 10 Dec 19, 10:10am -
  • Another study links beauty products to elevated rates of cancer in Black Women 😢
    A study (click here to check it out) released this month links chemical beauty products (in this case relaxers and permanent hair dyes) to elevated rates of breast cancer in black women. This is on the heels of a study released last year (click he…
    - 7 days ago 8 Dec 19, 8:31am -
  • Natural Hair Length Check 👩🏾
    More and more customers are sharing how our butters are leading to hair growth and length retention.@iammastar21 shared this photo on Instagram. “The first pic is before I started using shea butter on my hair and before I learned how to properly m…
    - 9 days ago 6 Dec 19, 11:31pm -
  • ‘African Black Soap is Clearing Dark Spots on My Face’
    In today’s featured review, Anita is amazed at how our African black soap bars work wonders on her skin; “I was someone who thought I knew what black soap was. But then I came across an article with pictures of what real African black soap look…
    - 11 days ago 4 Dec 19, 9:21pm -
  • Whipped Shea Butter Grew My Natural Hair Out 👩🏾‍🦱👩🏾
    The secret to natural hair growth is moisture. Dry hair is brittle hair, and brittle hair breaks off. If you want you natural hair to grow, the number one thing is to ensure it’s properly moisturized. (The next thing is to make sure you are styling…
    - 12 days ago 3 Dec 19, 8:55am -
  • Powered by Women 👊🏿👊🏾👊🏽
    The picture above is July 2017, the day we got the sign for our Brooklyn storefront. I’m on the right, former assistants Zawadi and Lisa are on the left. When I see this picture I smile, because it signifies a reality of BGLH Marketplace — we are…
    - 14 days ago 1 Dec 19, 10:26am -

All the Pretty Birds

  • NYFW SS 2016: make up trends
    NYFW SS 2016: Makeup TrendsBy Michela MarraHey Pretty Birds,New York is our first stop for this Fashion Month. Besides attending fashion shows, we made our way backstage to scope out makeup trends for the upcoming season.
    - 16 Sep 15, 10:39am -
  • Celebrating Jordana Warmflash of Novis
    Hey There Pretty Birds,Two nights ago Sherri McMullen (founder of McMullen Boutique based in the Bay Area) and I co-hosted a dinner in honor of Jordana Warmflash, founder and designer of Novis. The idea of the dinner came about from Sherri’s desi…
    - 16 Sep 15, 8:31am -
  • NYFW DAY 6 – These Birds Are Looking Good!
    Hey There Pretty Birds,How have you been? How were your weekends and Mondays? Here is a selection of what I saw on the street yesterday. What do you think? I've been pretty impressed with what I've seen over the past few days. I have really liked t…
    - 15 Sep 15, 1:03pm -
  • Pretty Bird Interview With Elana Nathan
    Pretty Bird Interview with Elana Nathan by Roki PrunaliIt is not so often that we give praise to the behind the scenes people that basically keep everything together. Sure creativity is needed to thrive, but a good business sense is equally importa…
    - 15 Sep 15, 4:54am -
  • NYFW DAY 4 & 5 – These Birds Are Looking Good!
    Check out my favorite Street Style Looks from Day 4 and 5 of NYFW!
    - 14 Sep 15, 4:39pm -
  • Venice Film Festival: top beauty looks
    Venice Film Festival: top beauty looksBy Michela MarraHello Pretty Birds,These days all eyes are on the red carpet for the Venice Film Festival. We, too, are carefully following and commenting on the best looks. Check out the photo gallery an…
    - 14 Sep 15, 9:05am -
  • Fashion Week Beauty Bag
    Fashion Week Beauty BagBy Michela MarraHey Pretty Birds,Here we are, ready for Fashion Week: New York, London, Milan and Paris, we’ll be out and about to scope out the best looks for summer 2016. Going back and forth between the catwalk and…
    - 14 Sep 15, 5:09am -
  • NYFW DAY 3 – These Birds Are Looking Good!
    Shiona, Leandra and Ella!
    - 12 Sep 15, 1:38pm -
  • Jason Wu NYFW Spring 2016
    Pretty Birds, Jason Wu was absolutely fabulous! There are so many looks I want to be wearing now, but have to wait until next year. What do you pretty birds think?
    - 12 Sep 15, 8:43am -
  • NYFW DAY 2 – These Birds Are Looking Good!
    NYFW DAY 2 - These Birds Are Looking Good! by Tamu McPhersonHey There Pretty Birds,It's so nice to be back in NYC. I haven't been since last fashion week, and it's always so nice to see what the girls are wearing here.I touched down on Wednesday,…
    - 11 Sep 15, 4:38pm -


I Used ONLY DOLLAR STORE Hair Products & THIS Happened!!! Was NOT Expecting THAT!
I Used ONLY DOLLAR STORE Hair Products & THIS Happened!!! Was NOT Expecting THAT!I did my complete hair regimen using ONLY Dollar Store products!!! Lawwd! This is how it came out!! Testing cheap natural hair products from the Dollar Store Dollar…
- 20 Feb 18, 11:38am -
Watch Me Go From BEAUTY To Enhanced Beauty 😛 CHATTY GRWM | Hair + Makeup
Watch Me Go From BEAUTY To Enhanced Beauty CHATTY GRWM | Hair + MakeupGrab a snack, let's chat and do some hair and makeup! All products used are listed below! Here's a quick faux bangs updo perfect for messy hair days or when you just need a qu…
- 20 Feb 18, 8:10am -
#GirlsCount | QUICK Protective Hairstyle For Girls - Natural Hair
#GirlsCount | QUICK Protective Hairstyle For Girls - Natural HairGet Involved - Info Below!! A SUPER Quick + EASY protective natural hairstyle for girls that will withstand the week and protect her ends, keeping the hair moisturized and healthy.…
- 20 Feb 18, 4:32am -
Removing Rubber Band Braids - BREAKAGE!? Naptural85
Removing Rubber Band Braids - BREAKAGE!? Naptural85As promised, I'm taking out my rubber band braids on camera to see if there's any damage or breakage to my hair and scalp! Hope it helps! XO! Nap GENTLE "Rubber Band Method" Jumbo Box Braids...F…
- 20 Feb 18, 2:45am -
WTH!? I spent $500 on this!? First Impression FINGERCOMBER Natural Hair Wigs
WTH!? I spent $500 on this!? First Impression FINGERCOMBER Natural Hair WigsI bought $500 worth of natural hair wigs from and decide to unbox them for you! Let's see how this goes... Lawd! XO, Nap OMG! $26 DETANGLING COMB | Is It…
- 20 Feb 18, 12:03am -
GENTLE "Rubber Band Method" Jumbo Box Braids | Easy Natural Hair Protective Style
GENTLE "Rubber Band Method" Jumbo Box Braids | Easy Natural Hair Protective StyleToday we're doing a QUICK natural hair protective style, the Jumbo Box Braids, installed using the "Rubber Band Method." I'll be showing you how I do this method in…
- 19 Feb 18, 7:15pm -

Curly Nikki

  • How do you identify? As Ego or Soul?
    #ProTip : Stop trying to figure out how to love yourself. You can’t. And start noticing and living out from the place inside that already IS Love. Find IT, feel IT.Continue!>>>The person, your ego, is incapable of unconditional love, even for itsel…
    - 26 days ago 19 Nov 19, 9:46am -
  • #NikPics from Last Week- Reflect Beauty Awards Finale Party
    Congratulations to #GirlBoss Sheila Marmon (above in the pink hotness) of MirrorDigital, and the whole entire Reflect Beauty tribe for putting on 4 weeks of necessary and uplifting multicultural beauty content, and for throwing one helluva finale par…
    - 27 days ago 18 Nov 19, 9:49pm -
  • Maintaining Gia's Waist Length Natural Hair
    I ain't gon' lie.  Florida's humidity took us ALL the way out, and laid our long-time Curlformer routine low. With few options, I resorted to what I know.  Continue!>>>Twists.  The super-shrinky, super-cute wet-set ones.  She can rock them down,…
    - 28 days ago 17 Nov 19, 6:33pm -
  • Metahuman and Other Books I'm Reading This Week!
    I thought it'd be dope to screenshot my kindle library for my fellow bookworms :) It's after the jump. Enjoy!Continue!>>> And let me know if you've read any of these or have plans to!  I basically re-read the same books over and over, with Joel Gol…
    - 34 days ago 11 Nov 19, 8:05pm -
  • This is Liquid Gold for My Hair and Skin
    I 100% know that my glow radiates from within, but I do appreciate a product that gives me all the honey-dipped melanin lewks and feels :) Continue!>>>So I sat down to write you a whole article about the glories of Argan oil and why it should be a s…
    - 35 days ago 10 Nov 19, 3:27pm -
  • Things I've Learned from Living on the Beach Pt.1
    lippie, argan oil, spf, JOY... Dassssit. Sun. Surf. Self-Love.  It's been 6 months since I landed on Clearwater Beach and in addition to realizing that this is, in fact, my natural habitat, I've also learned:Continue!>>>#1 How to HatThe occasion…
    - 36 days ago 9 Nov 19, 7:11pm -
  • My Henna Updates
    fire-ass highlights? just henna :) I still henna.  Extra-regularly.  And not just for the conditioning, volumizing, and curl and frizz smoothing like I used to, but for these roots, chiiile! Continue!>>>Thanks to the bossy 'we-start-graying-at 2…
    - 40 days ago 5 Nov 19, 1:04pm -
  • With Ice.
    Mommy and meHola chica,2019 has been a year of many firsts for me.  For instance, this was my first Halloween, ever, NOT needing a jacket or any form of outerwear to shield my chronically anemic self from the cold.  It was 80 whole degrees last nig…
    - 44 days ago 1 Nov 19, 11:59am -
  • Love.
    I went to Target to buy a glue stick and left with a hat I didn't know I absolutely needed in my life.  It's my thing now.  If you come to Clearwater Beach and see me sitting out, reading, sipping a latte, I'll likely be wearing this hat.  Gia mad…
    - 48 days ago 28 Oct 19, 12:28pm -
  • "Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are."
    Image Source @ IG"Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are." -Chinese Proverb Happy Friyayyy, chica!I'm messaging you today because no matter if you're a Stay-at-Home Mom, or a CEO, or both (!!!), you're feeling the joy of Fr…
    - 51 days ago 25 Oct 19, 10:00am -
  • Your Best Life Depends on THIS.
    Right next to and behind your melodrama, tension and racing mind is a subtly-joyful Peace. It’s always been here, you just forgot to feel it.Continue!>>>If we were sitting on the beach together right now, chatting it up, you’d frequently forget t…
    - 52 days ago 24 Oct 19, 11:01am -
  • Introducing the Reflect Beauty Awards: A Celebration of Diverse Beauty
    By Sheila Marmon and Nikki Walton of and we all deserve an equal opportunity to not only embrace and find confidence in the hair and skin we’re in, but to see ourselves reflected in popular media. And…
    - 62 days ago 14 Oct 19, 12:20pm -
  • CurlyNikki on the Dr.Oz Show Next Monday! (October 14th)
    Hola Chicas!We're at it again! #Season11On this BIG hair investigation show, we're talking the dangers of chemical hair straighteners and healthier alternatives!  Tune in or set your DVRs!Click for more pics!
    - 65 days ago 11 Oct 19, 5:44pm -
  • Having a Rough Day? Try This.
    source IG @spiritualthoughtsLeave a ❤️in the comments if you’re thankful for the small (in my case!) things!Stay aware of inner Love for the rest of the night! It’s ever-present, and always accessible, even when anger, fear, or anxiety have c…
    - 65 days ago 11 Oct 19, 5:30pm -
  • You Don't Have to Feel Good... You Just Have to Feel God.
    In ‘09, I was all about ‘The Secret’... positive thinking... the law of attraction. My limited understanding led me to believe that human excitement and happiness would ‘attract’ the stuff I wanted, and so I set out on the impossible missio…
    - 96 days ago 10 Sep 19, 12:55pm -
  • 5 Oils You Should Try for 4c Natural Hair
     by Kanisha of As we all know, natural hair and oil are pretty much the perfect match. When it comes to Type 4 hair, particularly 4c, this match becomes especially important. Oil can be used for a multitude of purposes for natural hair…
    - 96 days ago 10 Sep 19, 12:38pm -
  • The Benefits of Turmeric for Natural Hair
    by Vanessa OsbourneDeveloped in India over 3,000 years ago, Ayurvedic medicine or Ayurveda for short, is one of the world's oldest holistic i.e. whole-body, healing systems. The foundation of Ayurveda is that health and wellness depend on the intrica…
    - 14 Aug 19, 1:31pm -
  • Preventing and Treating Natural Hair Damage #LikeABoss
     hair idol, Nacketia! via Damage is a barrier that will prevent you from seeing hair growth. Your hair is actually growing all the time, but with damage in the way, your hair is breaking off at the same rate it is growing, which is wh…
    - 11 Jul 19, 1:31pm -
  • How to Detangle Your Long, Type 4c Natural Hair
    craving yellowby Tabitha TongoiMany naturalistas start off their hair journeys by cutting off their relaxed strands. As they rock their TWAs with pride, many begin to crave length shortly after and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Natura…
    - 12 Jun 19, 2:07pm -
  • These Nutritional Deficiencies Hurt Your Natural Hair Growth
    Photo Courtesy of Natasha Leedsby Sophia Emmanuel If you notice excessive hair loss all over the scalp, it may be a sign of a nutrient deficiency.Hair is a fast-growing tissue that grows one centimeter per month inside pockets called hair follicles.…
    - 21 May 19, 12:36pm -
  • DIY Sea Buckthorn Mask for Dry, Damaged Hair
    by Emilia Obiekea of AdoreBotanicals.comSea Buckthorn oil is highly prized due to its great abilities to grow hair, heal damaged skin and reduce symptoms of skin and hair conditions. This oil is dark and beautifully rich. It contains beta carotene (c…
    - 2 May 19, 1:08pm -
  • 5 Amazing Benefits of Mango for Natural Hair
    by Sabrina of SeriouslyNatural.orgSummer is almost here and you know what that means, mango season is in full effect. One of the most popular fruits eaten around the world, the mango, is best known for its fragrant smell and sweet, juicy flesh. These…
    - 2 May 19, 1:07pm -
  • The 4 Best Tools for Detangling Natural Hair
    IG @loverasheeda by Sabrina Perkins of SeriouslyNatural.orgNow, every natural girl, curly girl, kinky girl and coily girl HATES tangles. They are annoying, time-consuming (to remove carefully) and counterproductive to our hair growth goals. They c…
    - 30 Apr 19, 2:07pm -
  • Products Your Daughter's 4c Hair Will Love
    The Melanin Shop By Erickka Sy SavanéFiguring out the right products to use on my two daughters' 4c hair has been a struggle for this mom. Even though their hair is short, keeping it moisturized has been the biggest challenge. Fortunately, I've been…
    - 29 Apr 19, 12:32pm -
  • The Benefits of Keeping Your 4c Natural Hair Stretched
    image sourceby Camille WilsonType 4c hair, in all its glory and beauty, can admittedly present a bit of a learning curve to naturals who are still learning about their hair. It may take a while to fully understand what their hair needs in order to th…
    - 24 Apr 19, 3:20pm -

Georgous in Grey

  • My First #DinnerWithTy was Iconic
    I ended my birthday celebrations with #DinnerWithTy. I’ve always wanted to do a dinner party series with different themes, delish food, and “knock you on the floor” drinks (I might do one for Christmas).⁣ The theme, or category as I called it…
    - 33 days ago 12 Nov 19, 1:30pm -
  • Women, Let’s Win!: How To Successfully Manage Your Debt
    A few weeks ago I headed to New York to film with Essence and State Farm®. The three-part video series ESSENCE presents Women, Let’s Win! promotes financial planning and literacy among Black women. State Farm Agent Tracey L. Harris sits down with…
    - 39 days ago 7 Nov 19, 12:41am -
  • Some people won’t like you and that’s ok
    In episode 7 of my podcast, I explore this idea of being a likable person and what that really means. Aka, how to deal when people don’t like you. Like, why we really care if someone likes us or not? Glad you asked! It’s a form of validation for…
    - 66 days ago 10 Oct 19, 11:00am -
  • #FatGirlFall is upon us, let’s get this work in

    - 5 Sep 19, 11:08pm -
  • How to keep your hair straight while working out
    Let me share the biggest gimme gotcha but also a really easy way to psych your mind out into becoming a gym rat. When I first started working out back I had braids in. That made it SO easy to keep up with my workouts and not make excuses to quit. Ide…
    - 5 Sep 19, 8:00am -
  • Denim that you don’t have to adjust all day!
    I’ve officially dubbed myself a denim connoisseur. I’ve got at least 30 to 40 pairs of jeans. From skinny ankle jeans, to flare bell bottoms, to cut off distressed shorts–I have a closet full of denim. However, at this point, I am just a collec…
    - 16 Aug 19, 3:35pm -
  • #SundaySchoolWithTy: Inspirational Playlist, Songs That Remind You To Be Grateful
    I’m still perfecting my morning routine but it usually begins with an inspirational playlist. AND water or coffee (in the wintertime). Music has always been the connector for me. It connects my soul with my intentions. It’s so easy to start my da…
    - 1 Aug 19, 4:15pm -
  • 8 of my favorite lipsticks of all time!
    If you’re following me on Instagram then you know that I goofed (slightly) and posted a quick IGTV video a day early for National Lipstick Day. It wasn’t until my friend said, “Gurl, it’s tomorrow!” that I realized I was too early. I c…
    - 30 Jul 19, 8:18pm -
  • What you missed at our #SelfCareIRLretreat
    I honestly didn’t think that I could pull off hosting my own wellness retreat. #SelfCareIRL retreat happened because you guys believed in me and supported me. I’m still trying to grasp the idea of actually executing a dream. Like, no for real. Ha…
    - 16 Jun 19, 11:51pm -
  • Listen to Podcast Epi 3: Live from the #SelfCareIRL Retreat in Mexico
    Our #SelfCareIRLretreat was nothing short of amazing. I learned a lot about myself and the things that I am capable of. I’ll dive deep into what that looked like in a separate post. For now, let’s get into my first LIVE podcast. Mexico was the pe…
    - 13 Jun 19, 2:32pm -


  • Three Fabulous Private-Island Resorts
    Last month I spent a week checking out three of the British Virgin Islands’ private-island resorts – Peter Island, Guana Island and Saba Rock – for And today my roundup is live, with all the deets you need to find the private parad…
    - 11 Jul 17, 2:31pm -
  • Where To Find The World’s 27 Most Beautiful Beaches
    I was thrilled to be interviewed by Women at Forbes‘ Laura Begley Bloom for an article on the 27 best beaches in the world. And even more thrilled that they chose my Caribbean pick – Peter Island‘s Deadman’s Beach – as the lead image for th…
    - 28 Jun 17, 2:01pm -
  • It’s official: I’m An Age-Discrupting Badass!

    - 23 Jun 17, 11:32am -
  • How To Cruise The Caribbean For FREE!
    In exactly four weeks I’ll be setting sail on a cruise, and I’m thrilled with a capital T! Not because I haven’t cruised before (I have, more times than I can count). Not because I’ll be seeing new destinations (I’ve been to all of our Cari…
    - 23 Oct 16, 8:00am -
  • How To Smile Your Way Onto A Cruise
    It probably won’t surprise you to know that I’m a big fan of Caribbean cruising. I’ve sailed at least a dozen times, and in my book, there isn’t a more efficient way to sample a boatload (ha!) of Caribbean destinations in one fun swoop. Sure,…
    - 1 Oct 16, 9:00am -
  • The Essential Guide To Barbados’ Crop Over
    Comprising a full two months of non-stop partying, Barbados‘ Crop Over festival crescendos on the first Monday in August, Kadooment Day, when thousands of costumed revelers march from the national stadium in a raucous parade of heaving cleavage, sw…
    - 4 Sep 16, 2:04pm -
  • Punta Cana vs San Juan: Where Should You Go?
      If you’re planning a Caribbean vacay but not sure where to go, you might find my recent piece for Orbitz helpful. In the first in a series of Caribbean Faceoffs, I compare Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic (where this pic was taken) and San J…
    - 30 Aug 16, 5:42pm -
  • Three Days at Hedonism II
    Decades ago, as a fresh-faced student,  I did an 11-month college internship at Hedonism II, the legendary (and naughty!) adults-only resort in Negril, Jamaica. And last May I went back to see what’s new at the all-inclusive hotel famous for its c…
    - 16 Aug 16, 5:59pm -
  • Running Around the Caribbean, Part II
      If all the excitement of Olympics track & field competition is inspiring you to lace up your sneaks, check out this roundup of running cruises I’m sharing with the readers of cruising website, Cruise Critic. Two of the running-themed cruises sai…
    - 16 Aug 16, 5:33pm -
  • The Caribbean’s Best Bargain Boutique Resorts
      Cold and still broke from the holidays? Well, here’s some good news: I’ve rounded up a posse of fabulous Caribbean resorts (like Casablanca Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico, above) that you can enjoy for less than $150 a night, and I’m sharing…
    - 4 Feb 16, 7:13pm -


  • 3 Fall Style Essentials with Lane Bryant
    This post was created in partnership with Lane Bryant.  I’m back! After a wonderful and blissful year and a half in Los Angeles, I am back on the East Coast just in time for the change of leaves, pumpkin patch frolicking and cozy fall sweater seas…
    - 45 days ago 1 Nov 19, 3:14am -
  • 3 Closet Staples For Transitional Weather
    This post was created in partnership with Loacker. All opinions are my own. Whenever the seasons start changing from Summer to Fall, I find myself looking for closet staples that will still allow me to enjoy the freedom and warmth of summer, but will…
    - 78 days ago 28 Sep 19, 9:54am -
  • 3 Ways To Help Kids Transition Back To School
    The last year and a half, for my family, has been about major transitions. We picked up and moved across the country to Los Angeles last April, and through that experience I learned that there are subtle ways you can help kids transition and feel mor…
    - 90 days ago 16 Sep 19, 6:50pm -
  • 3 Ways To Unwind and Drop Your PowerMom Cape
    This post about ways to unwind was created in partnership with Loacker. All opinions below are my own. The other day I posted on IG about some of my favorite ways to unwind after a long day of conquering the world as a PowerMom. One myth out there ab…
    - 7 May 19, 3:44am -
  • 3 Tips For Dressing With Confidence
    This post about dressing with confidence was created in partnership with Lane Bryant. All opinions expressed are my own and not those of the company. Guys, it’s been a while! My little boy just turned 18 months so I’ve officially been a mommy of…
    - 4 May 19, 2:08pm -
  • 3 Reasons To Celebrate Your Wins
    It didn’t really occur to me how important it is to celebrate your wins until this past month when, for the first time ever, I held a cocktail to celebrate a successful end to BrownGirlsLove POWER Day. The cocktail celebration and this post series…
    - 11 Feb 19, 6:10pm -
  • 35 Black Owned Businesses To Shop This Month
    So you guys know I am a huge supporter of black-owned businesses. Every year I create a list of black owned businesses to support. We have such strong buying power as a community. We have to support each other! Disclaimer: this is NOT an exhaustive l…
    - 2 Feb 19, 9:41pm -
  • 5 Travel Essentials for Overnight Trips & Staycations
      Sometimes you just want to get away. You may not be planning a long 7-week excursion each time. In fact, quick overnight trips are some of my favorite trips to take because you’re challenged with making the most of your time in a new locale. Whe…
    - 29 Jan 19, 12:00am -
  • 3 Tips For Creating A Self-Care Routine
      Life comes at you fast. As someone who invests so much time and energy into giving, whether it’s with my blog or as a mommy or as an entrepreneur, it often becomes a necessity for me to give back to myself. The way I do that is designating speci…
    - 23 Jan 19, 1:00am -
  • My Move To LA: Sharing My Story With Toyota
    Hey loves! As some of you know from following me on social media, I moved to LA over 6 months ago. It took alot of faith and courage for me to leave my hometown and head to the sunny shores of Southern California, but honestly it was one of the best…
    - 2 Nov 18, 1:53pm -

Fresher Than Chris

  • Get to Know Canali
    While streetwear is having its moment, there’s no denying that suiting is slowly but surely making its return. Don’t mistake it: Suiting never really went away.  But it has seen many iterations.And right now, we are seeing suiting being infused…
    - 13 Sep 18, 10:40am -
  • Fresher In These Streets: Poplin & Co.
    I’m not one of for lots of pics myself.. however.. I really wanted to share this cool brand with you all.  The brand is called Poplin & Co. The brand is based out of Vancouver, B.C. It features some really cool prints, a great fit and a soft handf…
    - 20 Aug 18, 10:59am -
  • Stripe Me Up: Cool Shirts for Summer
    Ever since I heard the line “whose broad stripes and bright stars” in the national anthem, I’ve been feeling that print on shirt. As a kid I can remember my dad’s off-duty shirts having broad blue or pink stripes on them.  As an adult, I’v…
    - 13 Jun 18, 10:53am -
  • Getting Ripped: Denim Edition
    Honestly, most of my style and taste were crafted from things I saw as a kid or things I wanted to do—but wasn’t allowed to.  Denim was one of them.  My parents are old school. I’m first generation born here—they grew up in Guyana, South Am…
    - 11 Jun 18, 11:34am -
  • Being A Windowshopper is Fresh
    “Yo, you a window shopper”- 50 cent. Window shopping isn’t as terrible as 50 may have insinuated over a decade ago.  One of the greatest ways to learn about your style and what you want for the season is by window shopping. Nowadays, the windo…
    - 30 Mar 18, 2:37pm -
  • Fresh Brands: BKLYN LEAGUE
    I’m always looking for the next and best brands out here, both luxe and contemporary.  Been following this brand for a little bit and really loved their elevated basics. Find out more about the brand below. BKLYN LEAGUE is a Brooklyn based lifesty…
    - 12 Jan 18, 12:13pm -
  • New Year, New Underwear
    We are about two weeks in the new year and everyone is working on “new you”.  Gym memberships are underway, dream boards are being created and yet.. some of y’all are still wearing the same underwear from undergrad. This year I implore you to…
    - 6 Jan 18, 11:35am -
  • Edge Shaving Gel x FresherThanchris
    Being bald isn’t as easy as it looks—and shaving is a necessity. Finding the right product to keep your head protected, shiny and clean can be as hard as dating as in NYC. Thankfully, the folks at Edge Shave Gel helped me solve both of these prob…
    - 13 Jun 17, 12:57pm -
  • Must-Have Scarves For Men
    A few years ago, Lenny Kravitz was spotted in this enormous scarf.  A lot of people laughed and called it outrageous but I wasn’t mad at all. In fact, I think it’s such a rockstar moment.                                      B…
    - 28 Jan 17, 8:26pm -
  • Must-Have Gloves
    Gloves are one of those accessories I tend to forget about. Partly because I used to lose them as a kid and partly because I lose them now. However, gloves are one of those underrated items, that are not only functional but fashionable. Whether its a…
    - 31 Dec 16, 6:53pm -

Looking Fly on a Dime

  • Travel and Thrift: The Vintage Pieces I Found in Finland
    When I travel anywhere, I tend to do a bit of thrift shopping. I think one of the reasons I pack a carry-on bag like a pro is because I want to make sure I have enough room for any thrifted items I bring back home. So when I went to Finland a few wee…
    - 31 days ago 14 Nov 19, 8:21pm -
  • The $10 Top Rated Amazon Leggings that are Worth the Hype
    I have a confession: I don’t love online shopping. I’m more of an in-store shopper. I like to touch and feel and more importantly, try things on so I know if the sizing is just right. Returns are just such a hassle. Every now and then I’ll find…
    - 37 days ago 8 Nov 19, 11:15pm -
  • For My Solo Female Travelers, Here’s a Small, but Helpful Hotel Hack
    Regardless of where you’re staying, something similar tends to happen at most hotels. It usually goes a little something like this. You check in and you’re given a key card that comes in a paper sleeve. This paper also usually has your room numbe…
    - 44 days ago 1 Nov 19, 6:51pm -
  • Airplane Essentials to Stay Healthy and Comfortable 
    Anyone who follows me on Instagram Story knows there’s something I always do when I board a flight. Literally, I do this every single time. I whip out my disinfectant wipes and start sanitizing the seat arms, tray, screens and anything I’ll come…
    - 18 Jul 19, 12:13pm -
  • 4 swimsuits for $44? Here’s the good and bad of ordering with Zaful
    Have you ever seen a brand’s ads pop up in your Facebook feed and you say to yourself, “oh, that’s cute!”? That’s how I felt when I saw Facebook ads for Zaful for the millionth time. I didn’t really know much about the retailer other than…
    - 19 Jun 19, 12:04am -


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Where Are All the Black Girls in the Creative Industry?
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The Curvy Fashionista

  • 10 Ways to Wear Classic Blue, Pantone’s 2020 Color of the Year
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  • Holiday Gift Guide for the Plus Size Traveler
    Backpacking through Europe seems like a common addition to many bucket lists. But traveling while fat is oftentimes a super uncomfortable experience for a plus size traveler. There are lots of traveler’s gift guides out there, but we want to encour…
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  • Our Holiday Gift Guide for The Big and Tall Man in Your Life!
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  • What’s It Like Shopping with Thin Friends and What Plus Folks Want Them to Know
    There are many of us old enough to remember a time when ordering an entire wardrobe from the comfort of our living room couch felt like a fantasy, and our wardrobe options were not only limited, but wildly inconvenient to procure. As any plus size pe…
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Mane Man

  • Man Cave Ideas: Creating a Space For You
    When sharing a space with a significant other, roommate, or family members, having a space of your own to relax, unwind and enjoy your favorite hobbies is a must-have. Below we have a few tips to help you design your own retreat, also known as the ma…
    - 3 Nov 18, 8:14am -
  • Product Review: Old Spice Foamer
    Disclosure: Products for review were provided courtesy of Old Spice. I have long given up on most traditional soaps as I find that they can be incredibly harsh on my skin, leaving me feeling super dry. It’s not fun, especially during the cooler, dr…
    - 17 Oct 18, 4:35pm -
  • Product Feature: A Look at the New Tani SilkCut Collection
    In this latest post, MANE MAN review the new SilkCut Collection of underwear from Tani. Read on for more!
    - 23 Jul 18, 12:10pm -
  • Getting Started in a New Pad: My Picks
    I HATE moving. Does anyone actually like that process? I can’t imagine anyone does. The one thing I do like about new spaces is creating the feel and layout of the room. I’m sensitive to my environment so I’m much more intentional about the lay…
    - 20 Jun 18, 2:40pm -
  • Product Review: Redken Brews Pt. 2
    You may have read part one of my Redken Brews adventure earlier this week. Here are my thoughts on the lineup’s stylers and finishing products. Read on for more! Pastes, Gels and Creams Dishevel Fiber Cream: I haven’t had a lot of success with cr…
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  • Product Review: Redken Brews Pt. 1
    Have you heard about trend of drinking beer in the shower? I’m not so much a fan of that idea – a hot tub maybe – but a shower, not so much. I much prefer trying out Redken Brews. Redken Brews is a line of products with the modern male in mind.…
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  • Skincare in Transition: Winter to Spring
    Anyone who knows me well knows that I hate the feeling of dry skin, particularly dry hands. I work hard to take care of my skin and along the way I’ve found some products that work pretty well at keeping me from battling dry skin all the time. As w…
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  • Keeps Helps Men Halt Hair Loss
    Did you know that 66% of American men experience hair loss by the age of 35 (American Hair Loss Association)? It’s no wonder that so many men are terrified at the prospect of losing their hair as they move throughout their 20s. In the past, if you…
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  • Product Review: SheaMoisture Beard Care

    - 9 Jan 18, 12:41pm -
  • Product Review: Tommy John Men’s Underwear
    Disclosure: Products for review were provided courtesy of Tommy John for the purpose of this review. All opinions listed herein are mine alone. A lot of men dress for comfort and I’m definitely one of those guys. Yes, I like to try to look put toge…
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  • Last Minute Gifts for Gents

    - 17 Dec 17, 5:34pm -
  • Product Review: ribbedtee
    Every now and then it’s important to switch up your tees and underwear, and let’s be honest, most guys aren’t the best at updating our undergarment wardrobes. Recently, I had the opportunity to try out some offerings from ribbedtee and I’m ha…
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  • Captain Morgan Jack-O’Blast is Your Perfect Fall Spirit
    Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Captain Morgan. Ask anyone that knows me and you’ll realize that I’m a BIG fan of fall. The leaves are changing, the humidity is leaving the air, and that’s not to mention cooler temperatures mean comforta…
    - 26 Oct 17, 2:29pm -
  • Dwyane Wade’s Private Chef Launches Eating Well to Win
    How many of you think that Dwyane Wade is one of the better players of our current generation?  Well if you’re a fan of his, or his incredible partner Gabrielle Union, then you know they are couple goals. If you want to start to live like Gabby an…
    - 24 Oct 17, 11:22am -
  • My New Favorite Shampoo
    Many people talk of the benefits of coconut oil for hair & body. There’s even a pretty cool pin that you can buy to celebrate your love for the wonder oil. I, myself, have been a big fan for a while now but my love for coconut oil has recently been…
    - 11 Oct 17, 1:28pm -