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  • Political Correctness KILLING ESPN: The Leftist Sports Network [VIDEO]
    Political Correctness KILLING ESPN: The Leftist Sports Network [VIDEO] More ESPN layoffs were announced on Wednesday. A few are big name on-air personalities. Apparently, ESPN suffers the same fate as the NFL and other politically-correct sports fran…
    - 2 days ago 26 Apr 17, 1:56pm -
  • Bill Nye: Mechanical Engineer-Turned-Climate-Change-Crackpot
    Bill Nye: Mechanical Engineer-Turned-Climate-Change-Crackpot Bill Nye is the science guy when it comes to mechanical engineering. Despite using the title of “science guy,” which implies Nye knows all, the man holds a Bachelor of Science degree i…
    - 2 days ago 26 Apr 17, 1:12pm -
  • PROMINENT Leftist Teaches Children There are NO MALES OR FEMALES [VIDEO]
    PROMINENT Leftist Teaches Children There are NO MALES OR FEMALES [VIDEO] You simply won’t believe this video. This depraved drivel hails from the same Leftist lunatic who tells us that man can destroy the Earth. For the skeptics of my views, unders…
    - 2 days ago 26 Apr 17, 12:34pm -
  • ANTIFA Terrorist Punches Reporter Then Watch What Happens! [VIDEO]
    ANTIFA Terrorist Punches Reporter Then Watch What Happens! [VIDEO] These “peaceful” protesters who are actually terrorists believe they still live in the make-believe world of Barack Obama. The group known as ANTIFA, supposedly for anti-fascist,…
    - 2 days ago 26 Apr 17, 7:46am -
  • Iranian Spy Booted and Obama Holdover Booted from Trump Administration
    We reported about the Muslims brothers who had unfettered access to Congressional servers. Most of them were escorted from the White House, and the Trump team is working on the straggler. But there remains more swamp draining when it comes to Muslim…
    - 2 days ago 25 Apr 17, 8:31pm -
  • BREAKING: Protesters Storm Heritage Foundation to Protest Trump’s Budget
    BREAKING: Protesters Storm Heritage Foundation to Protest Trump’s Budget Since they can’t invade the White House or Congress, is this the next best thing for social justice warriors? More than 100 left-wing activists invaded the Heritage Foundati…
    - 2 days ago 25 Apr 17, 7:31pm -
  • BREAKING: Judge Blocks Trump’s Order Removing Federal Funding from Sanctuary Cities
    BREAKING: Judge Blocks Trump’s Order Removing Federal Funding from Sanctuary Cities Another liberal obstructionist judge delayed implementation of President Trump’s policies. The judge who bundled hundreds of thousands of dollars for President Ba…
    - 2 days ago 25 Apr 17, 6:40pm -
  • Iraq’s Wild Pigs Get Even With ISIS in Turf War
    Iraq’s Wild Pigs Get Even With ISIS in Turf War Talk about your serious halal irony. Iraq’s lowliest take revenge on ISIS fighters for their invasion of Iraq, compliments of enraged Iraqi pigs. Kirkuk’s people may submit to ISIS rule without a…
    - 3 days ago 25 Apr 17, 3:03pm -
  • BEATINGS AND ROBBERIES: California BART Passengers Get What They Voted For
    BEATINGS AND ROBBERIES: California BART Passengers Get What They Voted For In the modern socio-progressive diaspora known as California’s Bay Area, criminals are provided sanctuary. The lunacy of Liberalism spreads like cancer and encompasses all o…
    - 3 days ago 25 Apr 17, 10:56am -
  • Nancy Pelosi May Be DUMBEST POLITICIAN EVER: Says Border Wall is a Sign of Weakness [VIDEO]
    Nancy Pelosi May Be DUMBEST POLITICIAN EVER: Says Border Wall is a Sign of Weakness [VIDEO] On Sunday, Meet the Press met up with Nancy Pelosi. By now, they should be prepared for her special kind of stupid. Pelosi is after all the woman who when as…
    - 3 days ago 25 Apr 17, 10:03am -
  • Chemotherapy: The Latest Form of Black Oppression
    Chemotherapy: The Latest Form of Black Oppression Forget every form of oppression you’ve read about. Black-killing cops have nothing on the latest white hate. A scientist now alleges white people are poisoning black folks to get rid of them! Accor…
    - 3 days ago 24 Apr 17, 5:55pm -
  • Could a Barbecue Really End the Terrorist Threat?

    - 3 days ago 24 Apr 17, 4:45pm -
  • Black Lives Matter: The TERRORIST BLM PROM DRESS The Left Happily Embraces
    Black Lives Matter: The TERRORIST BLM PROM DRESS The Left Happily Embraces One way to bring awareness to a not-so-worth cause like Black Lives Matter is to honor its fallen. So one girl honored Sandra Bland, Michael Brown, Alton Sterling and others w…
    - 4 days ago 24 Apr 17, 3:10pm -
  • OUCH: Even Leftists Wants Chelsea Clinton To Just “GO AWAY”
    OUCH: Even Leftists Wants Chelsea Clinton To Just “GO AWAY” Fall Of The House Of Clinton After Hillary Clinton’s historic loss in 2016, a dumbfounded East Coast mainstream media were at a loss to explain how this could have happened. Interestin…
    - 4 days ago 24 Apr 17, 6:30am -
  • CNN Mortified over Latest Developments on President Trump
    CNN Mortified over Latest Developments on President Trump President Trump continues to dazzle the nation. And now the world has taken notice. The U.S. economy improves daily. And on the world stage, Trump’s recent actions in Syria and Afghanistan h…
    - 4 days ago 23 Apr 17, 11:47pm -
  • WRATH OF TRUMP: U.S. Forces Bomb the SH*T Out of ISIS AGAIN!
    WRATH OF TRUMP: U.S. Forces Bomb the SH*T Out of ISIS AGAIN! Fulfilling his campaign promise, again, President Trump takes out ISIS assets and fighting positions. As if the January and February airstrikes Trump ordered weren’t powerful enough. Here…
    - 4 days ago 23 Apr 17, 5:54pm -
  • DEMS STRUGGLE: Two BIG NAMES REMOVED from 2020 Presidential List [VIDEO]
    DEMS STRUGGLE: Two BIG NAMES REMOVED from 2020 Presidential List [VIDEO] The Democrats are in deep trouble. They simply have no bench, nor do they possess a single good idea. The last election did two very bad things for the policy retreads known as…
    - 4 days ago 23 Apr 17, 5:10pm -
  • Despite Media Reports: Trump Kicking LEFTIST BUTTS
    Despite Media Reports: Trump Kicking LEFTIST BUTTS Whether we talk candidate-Trump or President Trump, the polls haven’t been kind. And as November 8 proved, only a moron would believe the polls. Moron count: 60+ million Democrat morons and shrinki…
    - 4 days ago 23 Apr 17, 4:56pm -
  • HYPOCRITE: Millionaire Socialist Bernie Sanders Targets BILLIONAIRES
    HYPOCRITE: Millionaire Socialist Bernie Sanders Targets BILLIONAIRES Bernie Sanders hates other rich people. Sanders pretends to be one of the “little guys,” as he drops half a million on a new beach house. Interestingly, when Bernie Sanders was…
    - 5 days ago 23 Apr 17, 12:34pm -
  • 70s TV Sitcom Happy Days Star Dead at the Age of 56
    70s TV Sitcom Happy Days Star Dead at the Age of 56 Remember Happy Days? The iconic sitcom that gave us the Fonz. Many of us grew up watching the 70s TV show, in the days before Hollywood succumbed to the dark side. Happy Days had all the elements. B…
    - 5 days ago 22 Apr 17, 10:42pm -
  • Earth Day Co-Founder Killed and Composted His Girlfriend
    Earth Day Co-Founder Killed and Mulched His Girlfriend Leave it to Leftists to create a day for a murderer. A black criminal gave American Kwanzaa, and murderer Ira Einhorn gave tree-huggers Earth Day. As NBC reported, Ira Einhorn was on stage hostin…
    - 5 days ago 22 Apr 17, 10:15pm -
    Alabama Cops FORCE LEFTIST THUGS TO UNMASK [VIDEO] Alabama Police have a new mantra. “This ain’t Obama-Land anymore!” Richard Spencer was set to speak at Auburn University. It wasn’t long before the Antifa showed up looking for a showdown. Po…
    - 6 days ago 22 Apr 17, 3:55pm -
  • Meet the GAY FEMINIST SELLOUT Who Threatened the GOP
    Meet the GAY FEMINIST SELLOUT Who Threatened the GOP Out of the spotlight for over a year now, the poster child for the Women’s Movement, transsexual Bruce Jenner issued a warning to the GOP. When Jenner decided to become a woman, the Left loved hi…
    - 6 days ago 22 Apr 17, 2:25pm -
  • ISIS Takes Credit for MURDER of Russian Intelligence Agents
    ISIS Takes Credit for MURDER of Russian Intelligence Agents Early questions centered around the shooting as an inside job. However, Russian officials blamed a neo-nazi gang. Nevertheless, ISIS has stepped forward to claim bragging rights. This is the…
    - 6 days ago 22 Apr 17, 10:59am -
  • The University of Chicago to Allow Black Terrorist to Speak
    The University of Chicago to Allow Black Terrorist to Speak Barack Obama rejoined the world. Obama will emerge from self-imposed exile to make his first appearance since the election of Donald Trump. The University of Chicago invited America’s most…
    - 6 days ago 22 Apr 17, 10:35am -
  • American Airlines Worker ACCEPTS Passenger’s Challenge to Fight [VIDEO]
    American Airlines Worker ACCEPTS Passenger’s Challenge to Fight [VIDEO] If you think United Airlines was bad for dragging Dr. Dao off the airlines, then wait until you see this. An American Airlines employee accepts a passenger’s challenge to a f…
    - 6 days ago 22 Apr 17, 10:16am -
  • ALERT: Duke University Hosts Radical Anti-Trump Islamist
    ALERT: Duke University Hosts Radical Anti-Trump Islamist Liberal wackademia gave Islamists yet another platform to spew hate. The Gold Star dad who attacked candidate Trump at the DNC got a new platform at Duke last week. Khizr Khan is the Muslim imm…
    - 6 days ago 21 Apr 17, 4:15pm -
  • FLAKKA: The Drug Every American Should Know About

    - 6 days ago 21 Apr 17, 4:05pm -
  • Move by Putin May Make Kim Jong-un Take President Trump Seriously
    Move by Putin May Make Kim Jong-un Take President Trump Seriously Russian troops are migrating to the North Korean border. And like the 150,000 Chinese troops lining the other side, the Russians are not there to help Kim Jong-un. Neither of them want…
    - 7 days ago 21 Apr 17, 10:56am -
  • EMBARRASSING: FAKE NEWS Doesn’t Get More Obvious Than This!
    EMBARRASSING: FAKE NEWS Doesn’t Get More Obvious Than This! The term fake news is slowly becoming watered down, though it certainly shouldn’t be. The only question for us to ask is what took us so long to realize that what the lamestream media fe…
    - 7 days ago 21 Apr 17, 8:14am -
  • I TOLD YOU SO: Trump Reacts to the Paris Terrorist Attack [VIDEO]
    I TOLD YOU SO: Trump Reacts to the Paris Terrorist Attack [VIDEO] Nobody would be able to question President Trump’s policy on restricting certain Muslims from entering America. As for Paris, to paraphrase America’s new president: “I told you s…
    - 7 days ago 21 Apr 17, 7:44am -
  • WAS SHE DRUNK: Maxine Waters EXPLAINS Illegal Immigration [VIDEO]
    WAS SHE DRUNK: Maxine Waters EXPLAINS Illegal Immigration [VIDEO] When the Left discuss illegal immigration these days, the one word they use regularly is “dreamers.” That’s what Congressional Black Circus member Maxine Waters lectured on recen…
    - 7 days ago 21 Apr 17, 7:43am -
  • Reschedule Reaction! Coulter BLASTS Berkeley Enablers of ‘Rodney King-Style Rioters’ [VIDEO]
    Reschedule Reaction! Coulter BLASTS Berkeley Enablers of “Rodney King-Style Rioters” [VIDEO] UC Berkeley cancelled, then rescheduled the conservative author’s speech to the middle of prep week for final exams. Last night, Ann Coulter served up…
    - 7 days ago 21 Apr 17, 3:38am -
  • NARRATIVE DEBUNKED: Aaron Hernandez PLANNED His Suicide
    NARRATIVE DEBUNKED: Aaron Hernandez PLANNED His Suicide The death of Aaron Hernandez created a lot of speculation. A man I met in NYC at a bar speculated that the police killed Hernandez. I asked, “Why?” The man replied, “For the money.” He s…
    - 7 days ago 21 Apr 17, 12:12am -
  • ISIS TAKES CREDIT: Another Muslim Terror Attack in Paris
    ISIS TAKES CREDIT: Another Muslim Terror Attack in Paris Another Muslim attack occurred in Paris. This attack was by a famous tourist area in the city and put many people at risk. In fact, a tourist was shot. The French were quick to point to terror…
    - 7 days ago 20 Apr 17, 11:25pm -

Hip Hop Republican

  • CNN Films – Without Warning by Cleo E. Brown
      UNSEEN ENEMY, is a new CNN Documentary about the bacteria, insects, animals and diseases which kill humans each year world-wide. I was in the hospital recently  for elective surgery . When I asked a nurse if I could take a shower, she ranted abou…
    - 20 days ago 7 Apr 17, 4:08pm -
  • Okeem: Capitalism, White Supremacy, and Black Entrepreneurship
      Despite capitalism’s many blemishes and imperfections, it is the only system of economic development that has the proven power to lift people out of poverty. Given the state of the American economy and the fact that African Americans are consist…
    - 31 Dec 16, 12:07pm -
  • To Be Loved: A Film Review of ‘Loving’ by Cleo Brown
      For my birthday this year, a good friend took me to see the movie Loving. Written and directed by Jeff Nichols; the focal point of the film is an interracial couple named Loving who illegally married one another, in effect, violating  Virgini…
    - 30 Dec 16, 6:30pm -
  • Chidike Okeem : The Black Case Against Voting
    Quadrennially, blacks are subjected to the tedious and ethnically manipulative fib that voting is obligatory in order to respect black ancestors. The right reason for voting is to elect someone who one believes has the policies and the character wort…
    - 29 Dec 16, 7:45pm -
  • A Film Review of Enlighten Us: The Rise and Fall of James Arthur Ray
    By Cleo Brown Three-quarters of the way through ENLIGHTEN US: THE RISE AND FALL OF JAMES ARTHUR RAY, the motivational speaker and self-help guru, says several times: “I am responsible…I am responsible…I am responsible.” What he is taking resp…
    - 1 Dec 16, 5:01am -
  • Film Review – WE WILL RISE, The Realities of Life
    Cleo E. Brown WE WILL RISE airs on CNN International in Africa, Asia and Europe at 6am, 12pm & 3pm on October 11th, 2016 which is The International Day of The Girl. The CNN/US Premiere of WE WILL RISE will be on October 12th at 9pm. There will be an…
    - 12 Oct 16, 2:55pm -
  • The New American Threat to World Order
    Gideon Rose wrote an impassioned, yet wrongheaded, defense of President Barack Obama’s foreign policy, arguing that his policies keep America, and the world, on a positive track. “The key to Obama’s success has been his grasp of the big picture…
    - 13 Sep 16, 8:58am -
  • How the GOP will change after Trump
      How much will the Republican Party change after the Trumpocalypse? Zero. Nada. None at all. Leaders at every level have signaled that white nationalism is now acceptable in the Party of Lincoln. From Paul Ryan to Scott Walker to Marco Rubio, senio…
    - 31 Aug 16, 8:18pm -
  • Is Conor McGregor Tony Abbott?
      Irish mixed martial artist Conor McGregor has returned to the high peaks of stardom and notoriety following his ‘rematch’ win over opponent Nate Diaz. While many don’t usually turn to McGregor as a source of insight on current affairs, it wa…
    - 31 Aug 16, 8:12pm -
  • THE LOSS OF INNOCENCE : a film review by Cleo E. Brown
     HOLY HELL Lands at CNN Films for September   In HOLY HELL, filmmaker Will Allen, tells the story of a West Hollywood Cult named Buddhafield led by the charismatic and enigmatic Michel. Will Allen captures more than twenty-two years of footage as h…
    - 19 Aug 16, 7:38pm -

Virginia Black Conservatives

  • Remembering Terrence
    Virginia Black Conservative Forum mourns the loss of Terrence Boulden, our President and founder. Without Terrence there would not be a Virginia Black Conservative Forum, an organization dedicated to outreach for the Republican Party and the conserva…
    - 26 Oct 15, 6:23pm -
  • The Virginia Black Conservatives call for a Boycott of “The Bull Elephant” blog
    “Their comments on societal norms may have been acceptable 30 years ago, but they’re damaging and denigrating today. We cannot grow the conservative movement by telling children from non-traditional families that they’re liable to be a danger t…
    - 4 Oct 15, 10:11am -
  • Virginia’s Favorite Son Takes A Stand
      With the exit of two governors, Texan Rick Perry and Badger Scott Walker, the Republican Party presidential nominating contest is down to 15 combatants. But out of what has been dubbed the “circus” with its reality show ringleader former Virgi…
    - 2 Oct 15, 10:56am -
  • Mike May the obvious choice for PWC Commonwealth Attorney
    With his dedication to diversity in Govt and Criminal Justice Reform Mike May is the obvious choice to replace good ol boy Paul Ebert and his 47 year reign in the office.. Times have changed and now we need a change in the Commonwealth attorney’s o…
    - 30 Sep 15, 7:34am -
  • Vote Chapman in Woodbridge

    - 24 Sep 15, 2:58pm -
  • Singstock for PWC School Board Chairman

    - 19 Sep 15, 5:17pm -
  • Joe Murray the guy in the 39th Senate District

    - 19 Sep 15, 8:43am -
  • Memo to Mark Jaworowski
    “The time is right for our side to play the race card for a change, by appealing directly to black male voters and making the case that our policies (school choice and vouchers, strongly reduced flow of low-skilled immigrants, and targeted privatiz…
    - 16 Sep 15, 8:31am -
  • History can be a powerful thing
    Frederick Douglass : The meaning of the 4th of July for the Negro    
    - 5 Jul 15, 10:03am -
  • Why do we ignore Woodrow Wilson?
    From Brother Carl Tate posted as an OP-Ed in the News Virginian July 5th 2015 The past few weeks have brought much debate over the historic meaning of the old Confederate battle flag. Surprisingly, most leaders, left and right, have called for the re…
    - 5 Jul 15, 9:49am -

Crew of 42

Black & Right

  • newIn a Little 501(c)(3) Church in DC, Liberal Organizing is Perpetual
    While the United States Tax Code prohibits religious institutions from partisan political action, what are rules when it comes to progressives and their assorted missions? On Tuesday, April 25th at the Lutheran Church of the Reformation, People’s A…
    - 12 hours ago 27 Apr 17, 3:49pm -
  • newNOVA Advertising Features Muslims, Not Christians or Jews
    Maybe because some of our posts address academia or issues within the Commonwealth of Virginia, but the following advertisement appeared on our browser. Of course, we’re all almost constantly being pushed to embrace everything Muslim, despite our v…
    - 16 hours ago 27 Apr 17, 12:04pm -
  • newCurt Schilling: Another Conservative Blacklisted for Making Sense
    When it comes to political discrimination, this is a topic we know well and in a nation that supposedly celebrates a Constitutional right of free speech, the amount of commentary permitted based on party affiliation continues to be disturbing, not to…
    - 17 hours ago 27 Apr 17, 10:56am -
  • School Meals Cuts: Sorry, But If You Can Breed, Feed Your Own Damn Kids!
    After the March announcement of President Trump’s budget plan, the expected wail on the left started with the crescendo. Wings for Kids and thousands of programs like it are on the chopping block, threatened by President Trump’s proposal to elimi…
    - 1 day ago 26 Apr 17, 4:21pm -
  • Holdren, Gore and the Science Cash Cutoff-Freakout Under Trump
    Despite the liberal STFU when it comes to even attempting to discuss both sides of the climate change issue, it’s clear many who’ve made a nice career on the taxpayer-funded end of the sciences are in full freak-out mode as the Trump Administrati…
    - 2 days ago 26 Apr 17, 11:30am -
  • MSNBC Props Up Irrelevant Hollywood Democrat ‘Power Players’
    This is NOT a got’cha question but do the names Richard Schiff, Christopher Gorham, Angela James, Deena Katz, and Alex Padilla ring a familiar bell? Apparently, when it comes to all things bashing President Trump, MSNBC believes you should. As we a…
    - 2 days ago 26 Apr 17, 10:30am -
  • Defending the Confederate Legacy: WTF is Corey Stewart’s Campaign Doing?
    In a previous post with regards to the Corey Stewart for Virginia governor campaign, we said this race is his to lose. We used those words for a reason. Let’s begin here: we know, respect and like Corey as a person and politically, his accomplishme…
    - 4 days ago 24 Apr 17, 2:14pm -
  • The Rachel Dolezal South Africa Book Tour: They Ain’t Buyin’ It
    In 1987, the USS Midway stopped in Mombasa, Kenya for a New Year’s Eve port visit. I was impressed by the local blacks who spoke the Queen’s English while not caring it made them appear to want to be white. The former African Studies Instructor i…
    - 5 days ago 22 Apr 17, 4:32pm -
  • Cowardly Psych Profs Privately Warn of Trump Mental Health ‘Danger’
    In the latest example of progressive derangement, a group of psychologists recently held a meeting on their conclusion that they must warn members of Congress that Donald J. Trump is mentally unfit to hold the office of the presidency. A group of men…
    - 6 days ago 22 Apr 17, 1:21pm -
  • Charlie Rose Has a Cow Over Gayle King’s Vacation with the Obamas
    Uh oh… CBS News and Charlie Rose have suddenly discovered journalism ethics and standards! Gayle King’s serious CBS colleagues had a lot to say about her recent yacht jaunt with former first couple Barack and Michelle Obama in Tahiti, and it wasn…
    - 6 days ago 21 Apr 17, 4:25pm -
  • Has-Been Activism: Bruce Springsteen’s anti-Trump Anthem
    The left claims to speak for all, and we all know their preference for folk music. Seriously, how many minorities have coffee shop folk music on their personal playlists? It’s clear liberals don’t really care to be in tune with their various iden…
    - 7 days ago 21 Apr 17, 1:03pm -
  • Trump Beheading: Professoriate Art Imitates Derangement
    First Amendment, freedom of expression. Yeah, we got it. We’re quite tired of reminding people of the hypocrisy when it comes to “liberal” art. Again, had a conservative created a docudrama of the assassination and/or the beheading of Barack Ob…
    - 7 days ago 21 Apr 17, 10:51am -
  • The Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino Millennial Barista Meltdown
    Full disclosure: when we do go out for coffee, we go to Panera Bread. Their coffee tastes better, their stores are bright and the atmosphere is preferable to us. With that, we decided to go and see what this Unicorn Frappuccino at Starbucks was all a…
    - 7 days ago 20 Apr 17, 9:14pm -
  • Nude Pic Swapping Illegal in Navy, Marines. The Posers Are Given a Pass
    The Department of the Navy has cracked down on the “swapping” of nude pictures of personnel. Posting nude pictures of service members without consent is now, for all intents and purposes, a crime in the Navy and Marine Corps — a response to t…
    - 8 days ago 20 Apr 17, 12:28am -
  • WMAL’s Plante Laughs Off Hernandez Suicide, Mocks Brady ‘Family’ Excuse
    We like Chris Plante. He’s an untapped radio talent who’d be a huge hit had he been given an opportunity on any cable news channel. With that, anyone can have a bad day. April 19, 2017 was a bad day for Chris Plante. Upon reporting on the suicide…
    - 9 days ago 19 Apr 17, 3:30pm -
  • How President Trump May Be Playing Unhinged Democrats and Their Media

    - 9 days ago 18 Apr 17, 7:07pm -
  • Where’s the Outrage for the Missing Taxpayer Billion$ Under Obama?
    Isn’t it sad how Democrats and their media only become so concerned about how taxpayer money is spent and only really care about the poor and homeless when a Republican is in the White House? If Melania and Barron never move to Washington and if Tr…
    - 10 days ago 18 Apr 17, 2:03pm -
  • Flashback: The Media REALLY Wanted Boston Marathon Bomber to be White
    Maybe it’s because the media elites don’t want to be Charlie Hebdo’d and consider their safety more important than reporting on what the modus operandi suggested and, heaven forbid, look at the Boston Marathon bombing as a Muslim terror attack.…
    - 10 days ago 18 Apr 17, 11:31am -
  • Stupid Architect Trick: A Skyscraper Hanging from an Asteroid
    We all like cool, futuristic ideas, and this should be submitted to a Hollywood producer as it has all the potential for a sci-fi horror/disaster movie. While researching atmospheric conditions for this project, we realized that there is probably a t…
    - 11 days ago 17 Apr 17, 1:34pm -
  • Can We Now Defend Ourselves Against Violent #Antifa Women?
    Okay, let’s have that discussion! Many have seen that video of the #Antifa woman being punched during their disruption of the pro-Trump rally in Berkeley, California and of course, the left and their media is making this out as a boorish, white sup…
    - 11 days ago 16 Apr 17, 5:25pm -

Conservative Black Chick

  • London mayor should follow Trump’s lead
    First published March 23, 2017 in Toronto Sun Last year, London’s Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan shrugged off terror attacks as “part and parcel of living in a big city.” With an attitude like that, no wonder London sadly finds itself recovering from…
    - 32 days ago 27 Mar 17, 11:16am -
  • Not killing Obamacare would be epic GOP fail
    First published March 21, 2017 in the Toronto Sun Remember when Democrat President Barack Obama and his Democrat-controlled Congress worked with Republicans to craft Obamacare? Neither do I. Obama’s US$1-trillion deficit-distending Obamacare became…
    - 32 days ago 27 Mar 17, 11:09am -
  • Trump needs spokesman who speaks (well) for him and his tweets
    First published March 8, 2017 in the Toronto Sun Rather than focusing on important issues facing the country, official Washington has devolved into an embarrassing match of Democrats-said-President-Trump-said, in a daily war of words and tweets. Alle…
    - 44 days ago 14 Mar 17, 5:18pm -
  • Democrats trump up a ‘red scare’
    First published March 2, 2017 in the Toronto Sun Democrats (and perhaps even a politically-motivated FBI) are trying to create a mountain out of molehill when it comes to President Donald Trump and Russia. Their latest “red scare” is aimed at U.S…
    - 44 days ago 14 Mar 17, 5:14pm -
  • Trump meets the press…and rolls over them
    First published February 17, 2017 in the Toronto Sun Facing off with the White House press corps in an 80-minute duel, a defiant President Donald J. Trump welcomed questions, exposed bias, and left its members in tatters. The theme of Trump’s freew…
    - 61 days ago 26 Feb 17, 11:25am -
  • Joy Villa’s Grammys dress Trumps Hollywood hate
    First published February 13, 2017 in the Toronto Sun Bravery showed up at the excessively leftist Grammy Awards, dressed in a sparkling patriotic red, white and blue ‘Trump’ dress. Bravery, in the form of (black) singer Joy Villa. On an evening w…
    - 61 days ago 26 Feb 17, 11:20am -

Stacy On The Right HelpViews:337468540ratingsTime:03:56More inHowto & Style
- 3 Jun 15, 1:41pm -

Harvey's Global Politics

    The Republican nominee broke a cardinal rule of American politics: Never root against the United States.Just think for one minute: If 2008 Presidential candidate Barack Obama — even tongue and cheek — solicited support from a former KGB agent...…
    - 27 Jul 16, 1:12pm -
    MJ has been notoriously apolitical and silent on social issues. Not now. Jordan has decided to weigh in on the BLM struggle.Jordan issued the following statement: read more
    - 26 Jul 16, 12:45pm -
     Dr Umar Johnson on the value of protest:Protest is the first stage of any political or economic struggle. Protest is your marketing program to let the world know what I stand for; what happening to me; and what I want. Protest allows you to contro…
    - 26 Jul 16, 12:40pm -
    I loathe marches, demonstrations, rallies and protests. I understand the role they play, but my strong anti-march sentiment is rooted in their false promise for change.Yes, marches and rallies are effective tools to galvanize the masses and increase…
    - 10 Jul 16, 2:00pm -
    When Africa’s tallest statue was completed in Senegal six years ago, there were some critics who thought it was rather extravagant.The 49 metre African Renaissance Monument is said to have cost the country some $27m (£19m), which many said should…
    - 4 Jul 16, 6:17pm -
    Are you kidding me?Kevin Durant has joined the one team in the Western conference that blocked him and OKC Thunder from playing the Cavs in this year’s NBA finals. Remember OKC was up 3-to-1 games before Steph Curry and the Warriors rallied back to…
    - 4 Jul 16, 6:14pm -
    I agree with Romney’s concerns about having a thin skinned, misogynist, loudmouth, uncouth, ignorant bigot in the White House. But trickle down racism it is not. Since the election and re-election of our country’s first African American president…
    - 11 Jun 16, 3:28pm -
    Watch these brothers work magic in the kitchen. They demonstrate the Grand Canyon size untapped talent in the black community — from banging and slanging to serving up some of the finest cuisines in Compton. flip the page
    - 30 May 16, 8:55am -
    This story is so sad and tragic on so many levels. A young promising talent cut short by a series of bad decisions.Wrong place, wrong time flip the page
    - 29 May 16, 5:11pm -
    As reported:The History channel is planning a remake of the miniseries after acquiring rights from David L. Wolper‘s son, Mark Wolper, and Alex Haley’s estate. read more
    - 28 May 16, 4:17pm -
  • Untitled
    Super Bowl 50Each Super Bowl has it own epic story line or narrative. And this Super Bowl’s narrative does not disappoint.Not only do we have two of the NFL’s most dominant and elite defenses taking the field in San Francisco on Super Bowl Sunday…
    - 31 Jan 16, 5:16pm -
  • Is Trump the new Reagan?
    GOP: In Ronald Reagan we trust.The romance between RR and the GOP is still burning strong; perhaps, after 3o years of good ole fashion myth building, the heart has grown fonder with time.Yet in still, the GOP establishment and their base are still i…
    - 30 Dec 15, 7:21am -
  • Want to Be a Millionaire: Stop Complaining
    One secret of the successful and wealthy read story
    - 13 Sep 15, 6:34pm -
  • Sixer Hall of Famer Moses Malone dies at 60
    We mourn the passing of Moses Malone at age 60. The 6’10” center — voted as one of the Top 50 all time greatest NBA players — was known as The Chairman of the Boards for this rebounding tenacity.His lifetime NBA numbers speak for themselves.…
    - 13 Sep 15, 6:31pm -
  • Farrakhan: Let's boycott Xmas but not Jesus
    Farrakhan Intends to Boycott Christmas: It’s a ‘Bonanza for White Business’Justice or Else!!watch video
    - 12 Sep 15, 5:34pm -
  • NYPD Thug Cop: James Frascatore
    NYPD Thug Cop: James Frascatore covered up his mistaken arrest of James Blake read article
    - 12 Sep 15, 1:37pm -
  • Did Tracy Morgan get a $90 million settlement from Walmart?
    Last year’s tragic accident, involving a Walmart — driving while sleepy — truck driver and funnyman Tracy Morgan, resulted in his friend’s death. Additionally, Morgan suffered debilitating physical and brain injuries. read more
    - 4 Sep 15, 8:46pm -
  • Hide yo black kids, wife, husband and casino workers Trump is coming
    “When Donald and Ivana came to the casino, the bosses would order all the black people off the floor,” he said. “It was the eighties, I was a teenager, but I remember it: they put us all in the back.”  read more
    - 4 Sep 15, 8:42pm -
  • Tom Brady let off the hook by the courts
    Tom Brady may have gotten off, but it doesn’t mean he’s innocent read story
    - 3 Sep 15, 6:52pm -
  • LBJ VS. MJ: The off court one-on-one battle
    One-on-one (in their prime of course): Who would come out victorious Michael Jordan or Lebron James? Practically, everyone and everyone’s sister, brother, cousin, uncle has an opinion on this never to be settled one-on-one hypothetical competition.…
    - 3 Sep 15, 10:32am -
  • Obama secures Iran nuclear deal with Barbara Mikulski vote
     I never claimed to be a foreign policy expert, however I pride myself with being well endowed with common sense. The type of common sense that ostensibly alludes many right-wing, low information voters — aka the GOP BaseIf you recall, back in th…
    - 2 Sep 15, 7:01pm -
  • Kentucky Clerk Still Won’t Issue Same-Sex Marriage Licenses
    What ever your position on gay marriage is — I am libertarian on most social issues: live and let live — you can not help but see the self-righteous hypocrisy in this four time married Christian denying the legal right to obtain a marriage licen…
    - 2 Sep 15, 6:53pm -
  • Guide to the West Indian–American Day Carnival and Parade
    The annual West Indian–American Day Carnival draws close to two million people to Crown Heights in Brooklyn in September. read more at The Harvey Global Post
    - 2 Sep 15, 6:47pm -
  • Breaking News: The Harvey Global Post Launch by Ben Harvey
    Greetings to all my loyal and cherished readers:I proudly announced the next phase is here. Today I officially debut my proudest work to date: The Harvey Global Post.This is the next level for us in our continuing quest to be the information leaders…
    - 11 Aug 15, 5:34pm -
  • Adios, Señor Trump!
    Donald Trump -- cue the Celebrity Apprentice drum roll and suspense music -- you are fired. Yes, the king of bluster received his walking papers from NBC. In a strong repudiation for his racist and slanderous comments on the country of Mexico, Mexica…
    - 29 Jun 15, 11:12pm -

Pulitzer Prize Winner Cynthia Tucker | Journalist. Professor. Progressive.

  • The consequences of gutting Obamacare
    In 1940, when my mother was 13 years old, her mother had a hysterectomy at a hospital in Century, Fla. As was common in small Southern cities in those days, the hospital was owned by a group of doctors, and patients only received the care they could…
    - 35 days ago 24 Mar 17, 2:35pm -
  • GOP shows its contempt for average folks
    For all their claims to morality, family values and Christianity, members of the Republican Congress show a troubling hostility to the poor. Despite their professed piety — House Speaker Paul Ryan wears his Catholicism like a neon badge — they se…
    - 45 days ago 14 Mar 17, 2:09pm -
  • Did Trump conspire with Russia?
    President Donald J. Trump has repeatedly claimed that Hillary Clinton’s supporters committed massive voter fraud and that he would have won the popular vote, in addition to the Electoral College, if there had not been a well-organized campaign to c…
    - 56 days ago 3 Mar 17, 9:39am -
  • Puzder aside, Trump will still shaft workers
    With Andrew Puzder’s decision to withdraw from consideration as Secretary of Labor, advocates for America’s working men and women are doing a little victory dance. Progressive senators, labor unions and other allies of the working class believe t…
    - 64 days ago 23 Feb 17, 10:51am -
  • DeVos would destroy public education
    There’s a reason that Betsy DeVos’ confirmation as the new Secretary of Education was such a close vote, requiring Vice-President Mike Pence to break the tie. Even in the Trump administration, with its clear suspicion of expertise and competence,…
    - 77 days ago 10 Feb 17, 3:00pm -

politics from the eyes of an ebony mom

  • Whose Patriots crowd was bigger… President Obama’s or President Trump’s?
    Yesterday the New England Patriots visited the White House to celebrate their victory with President Trump. This picture came out showing the difference between the Patriots that visited in 2015 compared to the number that visited yesterday. When wil…
    - 8 days ago 20 Apr 17, 9:28am -
  • Will the firing of Bill O’Reilly change the direction of Fox News?
    Bill O’Reilly the disrespectful Fox pundit has finally lost his stage. He has dominated that network for 20 years and he is revered by millions. Sponsors were fleeing and activists were protesting and finally the decision was made but what will the…
    - 8 days ago 20 Apr 17, 8:51am -
  • Robert Godwin, Remember His Name
    A cold heartless, killer took the life of Robert Godwin. An elderly man is walking down the street collecting cans for pennies. He is minding his own business when a killer pulls over engages him in a senseless conversation, and he ultimately shoots…
    - 10 days ago 18 Apr 17, 2:32pm -
  • Basketball Wives is Back or should we just call it Black Women fighting
    Basketball Wives had its heyday about 10 years ago. The show featured some actual basketball wives and former wives and some baby mamas. It ran its course and died a natural death, but just like the vampire it is back. Some of the same cast mates are…
    - 12 days ago 15 Apr 17, 6:31pm -
  • Was the outing of Zeke Smith beyond the bounds of the game?
    How do we establish boundaries in a world that flourishes without them. We have seen men insult women, beat them call them whores and bitches. We see women fight as if they are trying out for Fight Club. Reality television exploits people who are 600…
    - 15 days ago 13 Apr 17, 2:59pm -

Hip-Hop and Politics

  • Terror in Charlotte- Who Killed Justin Carr?
    Who shot Justin Carr? You are right now watching unapologetic ‘gas lamping’ take place, where folks who stood next to this young brother Tuesday night while they were out protesting police terror, are being made to feel like they are somehow craz…
    - 27 Sep 16, 6:37am -
  • A Tale of 2 People Billy Jones & Jesse Romero and a DOJ Report
    Here’s a tale of two people and a DOJ Report (Department of Justice ) about a police department.. One story is about a man named Billy Jones, age 34. He’s from Sebastian County, Arkansas The boy was named Jesse Romero age 14. He lived in East Los…
    - 12 Aug 16, 6:29am -
  • How Far Have We Come Since Mike Brown’s Death Two Years Ago?
    Two years ago today (August 9th 2014) Mike Brown an unarmed teenager on his way back home from a local store was shot and killed by Fergurson police officer Darren Wilson… The residents of the Canfield Gardens complex where he lived were subjected…
    - 9 Aug 16, 11:57pm -
  • Dream Defenders Speak Out Against Pro-Israel Groups Who Condemned M4BL
    So apparently it’s ok for someone like Democratic stalworth Bakari Sellers at the urging of AIPAC to gather 60 Black Democrats who remained anonymous to sign a letter condemning the platform proposal put forth by Bernie Sanders and Cornel West arou…
    - 9 Aug 16, 6:42am -
  • Why are Bay Area District Attorneys Reluctant to Charge Police on Rape Case?
    The following statement listed below is coming from the Anti Police-Terror Project: Folks need to pay attention and see how these elected officials respond.. Pay close attention to the actions or lack thereof of district attorneys Nancy O’Malley (A…
    - 8 Aug 16, 3:52pm -
  • The Police Feel Good PR Campaign-Does it Help Heal & Rebuild Trust?
    Last week I was alerted to an inflammatory story from Bay Area ABC news reporter Dan Noyes that basically sought to disparage the Black August celebrations. The story noted that ‘police source’s had leaked a memo to him stating that prison guards…
    - 8 Aug 16, 2:40pm -
  • The PR Campaign to Uplift Police & Demonize Those who Call for Accountability
    Last week I was alerted to an inflammatory story from Bay Area ABC news reporter Dan Noyes that basically sought to disparage the Black August celebrations.  The story noted that ‘police source’s had leaked a memo to him stating that prison guar…
    - 8 Aug 16, 1:59pm -
  • There’s More to Election 2016 than Donald Trump
    By now most people whether they are into politics or at are at the very least, remotely aware of the circus Election 2016  has become. The presidential race is bananas. Soap operas can’t compete with all that’s unfolded. Donald Trump and all his…
    - 4 Aug 16, 10:17am -
  • 2016 Races Heat Up as Jill Stein Names Ajamu Baraka as VP Pick
    The 2016 presidential race just got more interesting as Green Party candidate Jill Stein announced her running mate. It will be long time freedom fighter and human rights activist/scholar Ajamu Baraka. Many may be familiar with Baraka’s work throug…
    - 2 Aug 16, 2:31pm -
  • 10 Cool Photos of Public Enemy at the Art of Rap Show
    What would Hip Hop be like without Public Enemy? For many, Hip Hop would be a stale genre that died off a long time ago. Many like to reduce Chuck D, Flavor Flav, Professor Griff,  DJ Lord and the S1Ws and the team to just being a ‘conscious‘ ra…
    - 1 Aug 16, 10:52am -

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