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  • newWestern Sahara: Saharawi Political Prisoner Dies in Jail
    [SPS]El Aaiun -The Saharawi political prisoner, Abdelbagi Aliyen Antahah, on Monday died of torture inside the Moroccan Black Prison, said the Saharawi ministry of occupied territories, diaspora and rural areas.
    - 3 hours ago 28 Jan 15, 10:26am -
  • newAfrica: Olikoye
    [allAfrica]How softly the rain fell that Monday morning when my water broke. Because I was used to the raging downpours of Lagos, this quiet patter calmed me, filled me with peace. My husband Omoregie was at work and so our neighbor took me to the ho…
    - 3 hours ago 28 Jan 15, 10:09am -
  • newAfrica: Uber Eyes Use of Mobile Money Service in Africa
    [CIO]After launching its service in seven African cities and hitting a few hitches, especially in Kenya, Uber is exploring the use of mobile money services.
    - 4 hours ago 28 Jan 15, 9:21am -
  • newAfrica: Twitter Now Allows Group DMs, Short Mobile Videos
    [CIO]Twitter has rolled out Group direct messages and video camera that will give users various options of engaging on Twitter, giving them a new Twitter experience.
    - 4 hours ago 28 Jan 15, 9:20am -
  • newNigeria: Soludo Worst Central Bank Governor Ever - Okonjo-Iweala
    [Premium Times]The Minister of Finance, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, on Wednesday took the former Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, Chukwuma Soludo, to the cleaners over his criticism of President Goodluck Jonathan's management of the country's economy, saying h…
    - 4 hours ago 28 Jan 15, 9:08am -
  • newAfrica: Je Suis Africa
    [Policy Centre for African Peoples]The late Professor Wangari Maathai once said that the wonderful thing about Africans, and their biggest strength, is that they never give up; they have had countless historical and practical reasons for succumbing t…
    - 5 hours ago 28 Jan 15, 8:10am -
  • newSouth Sudan: Will the AU Help Bring Justice to South Sudan?
    [HRW]If the African Union (AU) decides to keep its report documenting wartime abuses in South Sudan under wraps, it could hinder bringing those responsible for war crimes and crimes against humanity to account.
    - 6 hours ago 28 Jan 15, 7:11am -
  • newSouth Africa: Meddling in the Criminal Justice Institutions a Recipe for Disaster
    [ISS]Indicators show that in recent years, organised crime and corruption have been increasing in South Africa. Organised crime, as evidenced by growing incidents of vehicle and truck hijacking, along with high levels of commercial crime and corrupti…
    - 7 hours ago 28 Jan 15, 6:30am -
  • newLibya: UN Strongly Condemns Terrorist Attack On Hotel in Tripoli
    [UN News]The United Nations Security Council today condemned in the strongest terms the deadly terrorist attack against the Corinthia Hotel in Tripoli, Libya, and underlined the need to bring the perpetrators, financiers and sponsors of such "reprehe…
    - 7 hours ago 28 Jan 15, 6:02am -
  • newSouth Africa/Ghana: Why Bafana Lost in Group C
    [allAfrica]If you had to pick two sides to emerge from Group C at the African Nations Cup prior to the tournament the smart money would have been on Algeria and Ghana.
    - 7 hours ago 28 Jan 15, 6:02am -
  • newLiberia: Liberia's Ebola Prospects - What It Takes to Get to Zero?
    [FrontPageAfrica]Monrovia -The medical humanitarian organization Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) set on fire portion of its Ebola Treatment Unit where patients who tested positive for the deadly virus were being cared for.
    - 7 hours ago 28 Jan 15, 5:38am -
  • newAfrica: How Will the Oil Price Collapse Affect the Africa Rising Story?
    [African Arguments]I have vowed never to use the overused phrase 'Africa Rising' ever again, having long been somewhat cautious of the integrity of the projected growth rates and prospects for inclusive prosperity as I wrote here. However, while ther…
    - 8 hours ago 28 Jan 15, 5:03am -
  • newSouth Sudan: Tears, Chants as Rebel Child Soldiers Are Freed
    [Thomson Reuters Foundation]Gumuruk -T he teenage rebel soldiers watched as their comrades handed over their assault rifles and stripped off their oversized khaki uniforms with the red, black and green South Sudan flag emblazoned on the right shoulde…
    - 8 hours ago 28 Jan 15, 5:01am -
  • newSouth Africa: R700 Billion Lost to Corruption in 20 Years
    [SAPA]Johannesburg -South Africa has lost R700 billion to corruption over the last 20 years, the Institute of Internal Auditors said on Wednesday.
    - 8 hours ago 28 Jan 15, 4:59am -
  • newSouth Africa: Ruling Party to Pay for Former Police Commissioner's Funeral
    [SAPA]Johannesburg -The ANC will pay for former police chief Jackie Selebi's funeral and memorial service, it said on Tuesday.
    - 8 hours ago 28 Jan 15, 4:56am -
  • newAlgeria: AU Summit, an Opportunity to Encourage Parties Involved in Inter-Malian Dialogue
    [Algerie Presse Service]Addis Ababa -The summit of the African Union (AU) will be an opportunity to encourage and express support to the different parties involved in the inter-Malian dialogue, said Tuesday in Addis Ababa Malian Minister of Foreign A…
    - 8 hours ago 28 Jan 15, 4:44am -
  • newAfrica: Security Fears Ahead of Quarter-Finals
    [allAfrica]The qualification of hosts Equatorial Guinea for the quarter-finals has given organisers of the African Nations Cup a headache that in truth they should have foreseen.
    - 8 hours ago 28 Jan 15, 4:40am -
  • newLiberia: Health Workers Demand Risk Benefits
    [New Dawn]Members of the National Health workers Association of Liberia have urged the Government of Liberia and partners in the fight against Ebola to settle the risk benefits of health workers across the country.
    - 8 hours ago 28 Jan 15, 4:39am -
  • newLiberia: 'Most Rapists Are Teachers'
    [New Dawn]Minister Duncan-Cassell made the claim on Tuesday, January 20, 2015 at a "2015 Cabinet Retreat" chair4ed by President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf on her private farm, Julijuah, in Bomi County.
    - 8 hours ago 28 Jan 15, 4:39am -
  • newWest Africa: Ebola Response - Is the World Too Late?
    [Deutsche Welle]The number of Ebola infections is steadily decreasing. But the crisis in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone is not over. The global community is now planning ways to avert future epidemics.
    - 9 hours ago 28 Jan 15, 3:45am -
  • newLibya: Attack On Libyan Hotel Leaves Ten Dead
    [Deutsche Welle]After hours of stand off with security forces, two assailants who entered a hotel in Tripoli have taken their own lives. They killed five guards and four foreign guests in a popular hotel among government officials.
    - 9 hours ago 28 Jan 15, 3:36am -
  • newLibya: Inside Libya's Ghost Town
    [IRIN]Bin Jawad -Six weeks ago, Bin Jawad was a sleepy coastal town, home to a community of oil workers, shepherds and fishermen.
    - 10 hours ago 28 Jan 15, 3:32am -
  • newNigeria: Elections 'Too Close to Call' in Nigeria, Says Major Survey
    [allAfrica]Nigeria's upcoming elections are likely to be the most competitive in the country's history, with the parties running neck-and-neck and the outcome "too close to call", according to a major survey of public opinion published in Lagos on Tu…
    - 11 hours ago 28 Jan 15, 2:18am -
  • newWest Africa: Ebolanomics - the Search for a Vaccine
    [IRIN]London -When Ebola hit West Africa last year, it was a disease with no sign of a vaccine or cure. To those affected that may have been an indication that the wider world didn't care about them or the diseases that affected them, but in truth th…
    - 13 hours ago 27 Jan 15, 11:53pm -
  • newSouth Sudan: UN Welcomes Demobilization of Child Soldiers
    [UN News]The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) is celebrating the release of some 3,000 South Sudanese child soldiers today in what is being hailed as one of the largest ever demobilizations of children in a zone of conflict.
    - 13 hours ago 27 Jan 15, 11:47pm -
  • newAfrica: New-Generation Solar Panels Far Cheaper, More Efficient - Scientists
    [Thomson Reuters Foundation]London -A new generation of solar panels made from a mineral called perovskite has the potential to convert solar energy into household electricity more cheaply than ever before, according to a study from Briain's Exeter U…
    - 14 hours ago 27 Jan 15, 11:31pm -
  • newZimbabwe: Zimbabwe Battles With Energy Poverty
    [IPS]Harare -Janet Mutoriti (30), a mother of three from St Mary's suburb in Chitungwiza, 25 kilometres outside Zimbabwe's capital, Harare, frequently risks arrest for straying into the nearby urban forests to fetch wood for cooking.
    - 14 hours ago 27 Jan 15, 10:38pm -
  • newCongo-Kinshasa: Much Aid, Little Long-Term Impact in DRC
    [IRIN]Nairobi -Aid agencies have sunk hundreds of millions of dollars into eastern Democratic Republic of Congo in the past two decades. But seeing little long-term impact or prospect of stability, some are now calling for an overhaul of the way aid…
    - 14 hours ago 27 Jan 15, 10:35pm -
  • newCentral African Republic: World Must 'Wake Up' to Enormity of Crisis - UN
    [UN News]The top United Nations humanitarian official in the Central African Republic (CAR) is calling for increased protection of displaced communities in the northern town of Batangafo, where relief agencies are working hard to ease suffering as th…
    - 15 hours ago 27 Jan 15, 10:28pm -
  • newGhana/South Africa: Black Stars Late Strike Sends Bafana Home
    [allAfrica]Mongomo -Ghana secured a place in the African Nations Cup quarter-finals with a dramatic 2-1 victory over South Africa in Mongomo that gave them top place in Group C.
    - 21 hours ago 27 Jan 15, 3:39pm -

Richard Prince's Journal-isms

  • Columnist "Incredibly Angry" at Son's Brush With Police
    January 26, 2015 Yale U. concedes drawing of handgun was questionable; do news media tell the public about their own diversity?; tensions over press acce…
    - 2 days ago 27 Jan 15, 12:16am -
  • Reporter's Persistence Helps Free Inmate
    January 23, 2015 "Even after I retired, this case still bothered me"; Johnson to sell its historic photo archive — Jet app shelved; Jon Stewart asks, wh…
    - 5 days ago 23 Jan 15, 10:42pm -
  • MSNBC Bans "Muslim Guy" for Insult to Jindal
    January 21, 2015 Governor "might be trying to scrub some of the brown off"; multimedia State of Union presentation declared a hit; reporter held hostage W…
    - 7 days ago 21 Jan 15, 10:33pm -
  • Can PBS Provide "Reality Check" on "Selma"?
    January 19, 2015 Filmgoers should have a chance to see the documentary; editorial writers connect King's legacy to today's headlines; Gregory Lee named ed…
    - 9 days ago 19 Jan 15, 11:20pm -
  • A Tribute to an Intrepid Role Model
    January 16, 2015 500 urged to shine a light, like Michel du Cille; after "Tell Me More," Michel Martin in demand as a speaker; Oakland Tribune takes Oscar…
    - 12 days ago 16 Jan 15, 10:33pm -
  • Black Greeks Winning War Against Reality Show
    January 14, 2015 VH1 says "No mas" on "Sorority Sisters"; NBC News launches NBCBLK, new black site; fired after challenging radio host's racial comments;…
    - 14 days ago 14 Jan 15, 10:19pm -
  • World Shrugs at Reported Killing of 2,000 in Nigeria
    January 12, 2015 Paris assault overshadows Boko Haram's biggest massacre; surviving Charlie Hebdo staff puts Muhammad on the cover; It's final: NABJ, NAHJ…
    - 16 days ago 12 Jan 15, 10:16pm -
  • What the Editor Learned From Directing Ferguson Coverage
    January 9, 2015 "Many leaped to conclusions often abetted by social media"; in Paris killings, a few challenge the dominant narrative; news outlets called…
    - 19 days ago 9 Jan 15, 10:23pm -
  • Media Respond to Paris Cartoonist Killings
    January 7, 2015 Death of 12 seen as attack on press freedom; Intel announces boldest diversity move by tech company; veteran sports journalist Leon Carter…
    - 21 days ago 7 Jan 15, 11:10pm -
  • Stuart Scott Tributes Go Broad and Deep
    January 4, 2015 "Obviously black" ESPN trailblazer dies of cancer at 49 (1/4/15); Ingrid Ciprian-Matthews promoted to senior VP at CBS News; N.Y. Daily Ne…
    - 24 days ago 4 Jan 15, 9:33pm -
  • A Black Aide to LBJ Speaks Up on "Selma"
    January 2, 2015 Clifford Alexander says film gets one thing wrong; Egypt opens door for deportation of jailed journalists; 2 fired over footage edited to…
    - 27 days ago 1 Jan 15, 10:23pm -
  • Diversity's Greatest Hits, 2014
    December 29, 2014 A year in the quest for news media that look like America: Ferguson; Cosby found guilty in court of public opinion; online media, new fr…
    - 30 days ago 29 Dec 14, 10:58pm -
  • CNN, Cosby Lawyers in Scathing Duel Over Coverage
    December 22, 2014 Beverly Johnson charges surface talk of lies, death threats; T.J. Holmes joins ABC News as full-time co-anchor; Milwaukee cop won't be p…
    - 37 days ago 22 Dec 14, 6:56pm -
  • Morial, Sharpton Confront Sony Over Emails
    December 19, 2014 Pullback of movie demonstrates "all films are political"; president lists what he's done for black America; press-freedom group urges re…
    - 40 days ago 19 Dec 14, 10:14pm -
  • Media Share in Historic Thaw With Cuba
    December 17, 2014 Journalists no longer will need U.S. license to travel; N.Y. Times departures further whiten Culture section; what about the "torture" i…
    - 42 days ago 17 Dec 14, 10:49pm -
  • NAHJ's Contreras Resurfaces as Unity President
    December 15, 2014 "Polarizing figure" praised by AAJA, NAJA leaders; Cosby says black-press freelancer duped him; Richard Prince's Book Notes™: Journali…
    - 44 days ago 15 Dec 14, 5:26pm -
  • Hands Up! Read This!
    December 15, 2014 Richard Prince's Book Notes™: Journalists' Holiday Gifts: Teri Agins, Ruben Castaneda, Farai Chideya, Nick Chiles, Nunyo Demasio, Aud…
    - 44 days ago 15 Dec 14, 6:19am -
  • Photographer Michel du Cille Dies Suddenly in Liberia
    December 11, 2014 Three-time Pulitzer winner, of Washington Post, was 58; wealth gap between races has widened since recession; Bailon praised for guiding…
    - 48 days ago 11 Dec 14, 8:29pm -
  • Torture Report Says CIA Misled Media
    December 10, 2014 Senate Democrats' study reveals leaks to journalists; Obama pushes back on contentious anchor Jorge Ramos; armed security guards get lit…
    - 49 days ago 10 Dec 14, 10:43pm -
  • Obama to BET Viewers: Be Patient on Race
    December 8, 2014 Younger African Americans hear message of racial progress; "four lessons from the media's conflicted coverage of race"; few blacks, white…
    - 51 days ago 8 Dec 14, 10:24pm -
  • Even Conservative Media Criticize Grand Jury
    December 5, 2014 Lack of indictment in Garner case faulted across spectrum; U.S. photojournalist killed in Yemen by Al Qaeda affiliate; FCC approves 10 mi…
    - 54 days ago 5 Dec 14, 11:05pm -
  • How Will New York Compare With Ferguson?
    December 3, 2014 Media attempt perspective after another failure to indict; how federal government racial policies cceated Ferguson; Newseum Collecting ar…
    - 56 days ago 3 Dec 14, 11:16pm -
  • What's the Real Story in Ferguson?
    December 1, 2014 Writer raises questions that get at the "why"; writers tackle "hackneyed" meme about black crime; why Woodward doesn't put "President" wi…
    - 58 days ago 2 Dec 14, 12:42am -
  • Ferguson Prompts More Hatin' on the Media
    November 26, 2014 Prosecutor, protesters single out cable news, social media; TV critics home in on Don Lemon gaffes; news organizations launch FergusonNe…
    - 63 days ago 26 Nov 14, 10:53pm -
  • Barry Was a Gift to the Media
    November 24, 2014 D.C. journalists say national reporters missed the nuance; CNN, Fox reporters attacked in Ferguson protests; Cosby accusers speak on the…
    - 65 days ago 24 Nov 14, 9:11am -
  • Local Stations Spurn Networks, Carry Obama
    November 21, 2014 Rise in viewership approaches 50% on Spanish-language channels; 7 of color apply for buyouts at Philly papers; Cosby developments leave…
    - 68 days ago 21 Nov 14, 11:14pm -
  • A Bad Day for Don Lemon, Bill Cosby
    November 19, 2014 CNN host sorry for question; beloved dad becomes pariah; broadcast networks opt out of Obama's immigration speech; coverage of Ebola plu…
    - 70 days ago 19 Nov 14, 10:43pm -
  • Downsized Unity Shrinks Further: Conventions Out, Ending an Era
    November 17, 2014 Executive director out as part of "restructuring"; journalists unimpeded by Ferguson state of emergency; Cosby's lawyer dismisses "decad…
    - 72 days ago 17 Nov 14, 11:00pm -
  • Advice J-Students Can Take to the Bank
    November 14, 2014 Black columnists offer tips for success in changing field; "What's your propaganda?" filmmaker asks J-students; in Washington Post piece…
    - 75 days ago 14 Nov 14, 10:14pm -
  • Diversity at Top of PBS News Operation
    November 7, 2014 Marie Nelson named VP of news, public affairs; In "Pointergate"; station sees mayor's gesture as gang sign; Hispanics remain Democratic,…
    - 82 days ago 7 Nov 14, 10:33pm -

Sahara Reporters

Black Blue Dog

  • newJimmy McMillan of ‘The Rent Is Too Damn High’ receives eviction notice
    The too-damn-high rent is now the least of Jimmy McMillan’s problems. The flamboyant gubernatorial candidate has been slapped with an eviction notice ordering him out of his $872-a-month rent stabilized East Village apartment. McMillan, founder of…
    - 14 hours ago 27 Jan 15, 10:50pm -
  • newObama Administration Outlines New Proposal For Offshore Oil And Gas Leasing
    The Obama administration released a draft of a five-year plan for oil and gas lease sales on Tuesday that would open areas of the Atlantic Ocean and offshore Alaska to drilling. The draft plan includes 14 potential lease sales in eight planning areas…
    - 14 hours ago 27 Jan 15, 10:41pm -
  • newA Blizzard Couldn’t Stop These People From Helping Those In Need
    For some New Yorkers, Monday’s blizzard conditions meant braving the cold for the sake of others who needed some help. Although the winter storm fell short of historic expectations when it blew through New York City on Monday night, it did blanket…
    - 14 hours ago 27 Jan 15, 10:37pm -
  • newSteve Scalise To Meet With Civil Rights Leader
    House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) has agreed to meet with the head of a civil rights organization who criticized the congressman for speaking to a white supremacist group in 2002. Scalise will sit down with Marc Morial, president of the Natio…
    - 15 hours ago 27 Jan 15, 10:21pm -
  • newOne View From the Black Middle Class
    In recent weeks, Mayor Bill de Blasio’s parenting decision to teach his biracial teenage son that he needs to “take special care in any encounter he has with police officers who are there to protect him” has sparked offense from some police off…
    - 15 hours ago 27 Jan 15, 10:17pm -

News One

This Week In Blackness

LIVESTREAM | #TWIBnation Support independent media! Donate to #TWIBnation at or subscribe to our on-demand service...From:BLACKNESS.TV | #TW…
- 16 hours ago 27 Jan 15, 9:11pm -
Washington State To Raise Smoking Minimum Age | #TWIBnation
Washington State To Raise Smoking Minimum Age | #TWIBnation Support independent media! Donate to #TWIBnation at ...From:BLACKNESS.TV | #TWIB…
- 1 day ago 27 Jan 15, 11:03am -
Serving Racism? Virginia McDonalds Sued | #TWIBnation
Serving Racism? Virginia McDonalds Sued | #TWIBnation Support independent media! Donate to #TWIBnation at ...From:BLACKNESS.TV | #TWIBnatio…
- 1 day ago 27 Jan 15, 10:12am -
#TWIBprime #632 | Up In Uteruses Like ... | #TWIBnation
#TWIBprime #632 | Up In Uteruses Like ... | #TWIBnation Support independent media! Donate to #TWIBnation at ...From:BLACKNESS.TV | #TWIBnati…
- 1 day ago 27 Jan 15, 9:19am -
#ABlackShow Episode 8: Who Care's if He Played God?
#ABlackShow Episode 8: Who Care's if He Played God?Watch #ablackshow Fridays at 11pm ET/8pm PT on Free Speech TV. | #TWIBnationV…
- 2 days ago 27 Jan 15, 12:46am -
@TWIBprime "Black Children Seen As Criminals?" | #TWIBnation
@TWIBprime "Black Children Seen As Criminals?" | #TWIBnation Hosts Elon James White, Imani Gandy and Aaron Rand Freeman discuss the perceived criminalit of Black Youth. #TWIBnation.From:…
- 2 days ago 27 Jan 15, 12:44am -

Politics 365

  • Republican Senator Drops “Civil Rights and Human Rights” from Committee Name
    Just Another Moment in GOP Growth and Opportunity. Just in case anyone is wondering how the new Republican controlled Senate will deal with civil rights issues, wonder no more.  There’s a new Republican Chairman of the Senate’s Judiciary Commit…
    - 1 day ago 27 Jan 15, 9:42am -
  • #Ferguson Bill Featuring Grand Jury Overhaul Debuts
    H.R. 429. On January 21, Reps. Hank Johnson (D-GA) and Lacy Clay (D-MO), introduced the Grand Jury Reform Act.  The bill, which is related to the non indictments of police officers Darren Wilson and Dan Pantaleo, would require special a prosecutor…
    - 3 days ago 25 Jan 15, 7:58pm -
  • #SOTU Video: The #Ferguson Question
    African Americans in Congress and the President of the NAACP react to President Obama’s second to last State of the Union.  The question: Did President Obama bring up the biggest issue over the last four months enough? That would be Ferguson.
    - 3 days ago 25 Jan 15, 7:16pm -
  • The CBC in Ferguson
    “Where do I start?  How about undefinable frustration? It seems we can’t even catch our breath from our first tragedy before being hit by another gut-punch from a second, third, and fourth.  The names Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner,…
    - 3 days ago 25 Jan 15, 7:00pm -
  • Video: Black Republican Reception w Reps. Mia Love, Will Hurd
    Historic Republicans. Yesterday former congressional staffer Insight America, J.C. Watts and Elroy Sailor hosted a reception for the three Black Republicans in Congress.  The reception featured @SenatorTimScott @WillHurd @MiaBLove.
    - 3 days ago 25 Jan 15, 6:48pm -
  • 10.4%: Black Unemployment Still Double But Lowest Since July 2008
    Lower But Sill Double: Black Unemployment is 10.4%. Remember September 2011 when Black unemployment was 16.7%? In July 2008, the last year of President Bush’s presidency, Black unemployment was 10%. In December 2014, the Black unemployment rate we…
    - 4 days ago 24 Jan 15, 9:59am -
  • House Dems Talk Of Limit to Seniority Power as CBC Hits Peak Seniority
    The Power of Seniority. Some House Democrats are once again talking about limiting the power of seniority just as — you guessed it — boatloads of African American members of Congress are hitting their maximum power because of seniority.  The Bl…
    - 6 days ago 22 Jan 15, 4:25pm -
  • Only African American on St. Louis Board of Elections Removed
    “When you have a county that has at least 45 percent minority population you would hope that would be reflected on the St. Louis County Board of Elections. As of right now every single member of the St. Louis County Board of Elections is white.”…
    - 7 days ago 21 Jan 15, 8:48am -
  • Honorable Assumes Post as Newest FERC Commissioner
                        On January 5, 2015, five months after being nominated by President Barack Obama, Colette Honorable was sworn in as a Commissioner for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.  FERC is the independent federal agency res…
    - 8 days ago 20 Jan 15, 3:22pm -
  • #HBCUs: Pres #Obama Gives Much Needed Help to Norfolk State
    Virginia’s Norfolk State University has been reeling.  On december 10, the college was placed on placed on probation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. That followed the departure of the school’s President the year before.  Th…
    - 9 days ago 19 Jan 15, 10:40am -
  • Positive Vibes From Ferguson Activists After Dinner With Black Caucus
    Youth Movement.  ”Where do I start?  How about undefinable frustration? It seems we can’t even catch our breath from our first tragedy before being hit by another gut-punch from a second, third, and fourth.  The names Trayvon Martin, Michael…
    - 10 days ago 18 Jan 15, 8:11pm -
  • Eight Ferguson Related Bills in Congress
    FERGUSON LEGISLATIVE UPDATE.  Think that Ferguson related legislation can’t pass the Republican controlled House and Senate? Think again. What is the one issue that congressional Republicans and Democrats have found rare agreement on? Criminal ju…
    - 10 days ago 18 Jan 15, 8:03pm -
  • Childhood poverty: majority of U.S. public school students eligible for free or reduced lunch
    Rising income inequality in the U.S. has produced a startling statistic: 51% of U.S. public school children in pre-K through 12th grade were eligible under the federal program for free and reduced-price lunches in the 2012-2013 school year according…
    - 12 days ago 16 Jan 15, 1:24pm -
  • Ten CBC Members Headed to #Ferguson on Eve of King Holiday
    Black Caucus Members Headed to Ferguson. At least 10 members of the Congressional Black Caucus will travel to Ferguson, Missouri on January 18 — the day before the Martin Luther King Holiday.  They will attend a church service at a local Methodi…
    - 14 days ago 14 Jan 15, 6:37pm -

Hinterland Gazette

  • newLOL: Saudis Upset Michelle Obama’s Didn’t Wear Headscarf During Visit
    The Saudis are ticked off at First Lady Michelle Obama for not covering her head at King Abdullah’s funeral. Um, whatever. I am pretty sure Michelle Obama doesn’t give a damn what they think. I don’t get it…A blogger was sentenced to 1,000 la…
    - 14 hours ago 27 Jan 15, 10:55pm -
  • Nancy Pelosi: Hillary Clinton Can Help Democrats Win Back the House
    House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is singing to the choir. She believes that Hillary Clinton can help Democrats win back the House. Um, yeah, so they can squander any opportunities a Democratic House and White House (should Hillary Clinton run and w…
    - 1 day ago 27 Jan 15, 8:59am -
  • Blizzard of 2015: CNN’s Don Lemon Ridiculed on Twitter for his #BlizzardMobile
    #Blizzardof2015:  CNN’s Don Lemon (@DonLemon) was ridiculed on social media last night over his coverage of the “destructive” blizzard while driving around in his #BlizzardMobile and wearing his Canadian goose-down jacket. The media frenzy was…
    - 1 day ago 27 Jan 15, 8:48am -
  • ABC Orders New Shonda Rhimes Crime Thriller “The Catch”
    ABC has picked up a new drama from Shonda Rhimes, who rules Thursday night television viewing with “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Scandal” and “How to Get Away with Murder.” “The Catch” from Shondaland’s Rhimes and Betsy Beers follows a femal…
    - 2 days ago 26 Jan 15, 9:59pm -
  • Three Teenagers Charged with Murder for Death of 14-Year-Old Alexis Kane
    Three Kansas City, Mo., teens have been charged in the murder of 14-year-0ld Alexis Kane, whose body was found on Jan. 11 outside the Bay Waterpark near Smith-Hale Middle School, where she was a student, KCTV reports. Dominic “Nick” McDaniel, 1…
    - 2 days ago 26 Jan 15, 6:08pm -

Good Black News


  • newSly Stone Awarded $5 Million in Breach of Contract Lawsuit
    *Sly Stone was awarded $5 million on Tuesday in a breach-of-contract suit that claimed his business partners and his own company cheated him out of royalties, reports Billboard. A Los Angeles Superior Court jury ruled for the 71-year-old funk legend…
    - 18 mins ago 28 Jan 15, 12:44pm -
  • newBig Sean Admits Ex Naya Rivera Inspired New Single ‘IDFWY’
    *In the new cover story for Complex, Big Sean confirms that his recent hit, “I Don’t F— With You,” is about his ex-girlfriend Naya Rivera. The track, which features a verse from E-40 and production from both DJ Mustard and Kanye West, peaked…
    - 31 mins ago 28 Jan 15, 12:31pm -
  • newMarissa Alexander Has Been Released from Prison (Watch)
    *Marissa Alexander is now a free woman. Alexander, who claimed self-defense after prosecutors say she fired a gun at her estranged husband and his two sons, has been released from prison as part of a plea agreement. On Tuesday she was sentenced to th…
    - 1 hour ago 28 Jan 15, 11:54am -
  • newRecap: The 23rd Annual Trumpet Awards Red Carpet Extravaganza (Pics/Video)
    *Saturday January 24, 2015 marked the 23rd Annual Trumpet Awards which began with a star-studded red carpet event held at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center in Marietta, GA. The Trumpet Awards is one of the most prestigious and esteemed award s…
    - 1 hour ago 28 Jan 15, 11:35am -
  • newGabrielle Union Reveals Reason Behind Asking Dwayne Wade for Prenup
    *Gabrielle Union is her own woman who worked hard for her success. In her eyes, it makes perfect sense to protect what she has, which is the reason behind why she and her husband Dwayne Wade signed a prenuptial agreement when they tied the knot in Au…
    - 2 hours ago 28 Jan 15, 10:55am -

Black Voice News

  • Living 'the Dream'?
    Multi-generation activists find inspiration in Dr. King’s legacy, but note differences today with #BlackLivesMatter movementBy Corey ArvinStaff WriterSylvia Martin-James hears an echo from yester years – one that reverberates just a little bit…
    - 14 days ago 14 Jan 15, 8:30pm -
  • Laid to Rest, but Never Buried
    Past stories of police shootings in Southern California surface following the Michael Brown funeralEDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a first-person narrative used to highlight the recent discourse surrounding use of police force after of the death o…
    - 28 Aug 14, 12:45am -
  • For Many Girls Globally, U.S. a Symbol of Better Education
    UCR Professor: Greater representation of high-achieving women transcends into a “beacon” for girls everywhereBy Corey Arvin Staff WriterWhen news about the abduction of 276 schoolgirls reached Simi Ogunleye, she was heartbroken and outraged not…
    - 21 May 14, 2:26pm -
  • Law Enforcement Remembers Deputy Killed by Dorner
    Deputy Jeremiah MacKay remembered as a man with a ‘big heart’ By BVN StaffAs the local law enforcement community was mourning the loss of one of their own with the untimely death of Riverside Police Officer Michael Crain, they were struck anoth…
    - 22 Feb 13, 10:59am -
  • Manhunt for Ex-LAPD Officer Christopher Dorner Ends in More Bloodshed
    Riverside Police Department, Sheriff's department mourn loss of fallen officers By BVN StaffThe week-long manhunt for former Los Angeles Police Department officer Christopher Jordan Dorner came to an end Tuesday after it was confirmed Dorner was…
    - 14 Feb 13, 11:37am -
  • SB Bankruptcy Plan Talks Called “Intractable”
    Councilman Rikke Van Johnson urges outside financial helpChris LevisterSAN BERNARDINO - As the public battle rages over fixing a $45.8 million budget deficit members of the San Bernardino City Council remained mired in acrimony on Wednesday raising…
    - 26 Sep 12, 7:54pm -
  • Million Father March Event a Huge Success
    By John ColemanMore than 100 men, women, and children recently participated in the Million Fathers March organized by Street Positive CEO, Terry Boykins. Photos by John Coleman#670            "Let me hear you?" Terry Boykins asked the grou…
    - 26 Sep 12, 7:54pm -
  • Southland Campaigning
    Last Saturday Congressman James Clyburn (D - SC) was in Riverside in support of Mark Takano, candidate for the newly drawn Congressional District 41. Several community activists were in attendance including Waudier (Woodie) Rucker-Hughes, President o…
    - 19 Sep 12, 8:19pm -
    Legislators pass bills that would revive anti-blight program Chris Levister A legislative compromise that would expand cities’ and counties’ ability to divert property taxes for local development projects may be too late for bankrupt San Bernar…
    - 19 Sep 12, 7:43pm -
    Same day voter registration to start in 2016 Chris Levister With the national spotlight on the confusion and chaos surrounding voter ID laws trained on states like Pennsylvania, Texas, Ohio, Wisconsin, Rhode Island and Florida (Since 2010, 10 state…
    - 19 Sep 12, 7:06pm -

Roland Martin

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